Please need your opinion on this mattress

Dear Phoenix and forum members,

Will you please evaluate this mattress.

Comfort Layer: 4.5” HD Quick Recovery Memory Foam Qualux
Support Layer: Bonnel coil innerspring system, though you can order it in Pocket Coil Innerspring system
Price: $3,200

They use Bonnel coils because they are the best for support, and when I asked about Latex, the reply was that a lot of people are allergic to Latex, so they use HD memory foam instead, but if I want Latex comfort layer, I perhaps can custom order it and it will be more expensive.

Thank you very much.

Hi oceanmd,

The price seems very high to me for the materials and components in the mattress although you didn’t mention the size or whether this was a mattress only price. It also appears that you are getting some misinformation.

Qualux is not “HD memory foam” but a “family” of polyfoam made by Carpenter with high resiliency characteristics (low hysteresis or energy loss) and can range from 1.5 lbs to over 3 lbs. Qualux Ultra is an actual HR polyfoam with similarities to latex in terms of performance.

Bonnell coils can be very strong but they are also among the lower cost types of innersprings and it’s important that the design of the mattress and the insulator pad over them is appropriate to even out the generally lower coil count of Bonnel coils (to keep the foam from compressing into the coils).

You can read more about latex allergies in post #2 here. In practical terms … an issue with a latex allergy with a latex mattress would be quite rare.

Overall … it appears to me that you are dealing with someone that doesn’t know a lot about mattress materials and is selling you a “story” … and a very expensive one at that … more than a mattress.