Plese Help me!!! I am Tired Searching a good Mattress

Hi Everyone
I am Spanish , I live in Madrid.
I apology for my English , I hope you can understand my post , sorry so much .

I try to find a good mattress and base I need change my old mattress and base .
I was reading some foros not especific about matress , they recomended Sheraton Hotel Bed is a good opcion , the bed Sheraton are very confortable ,. In your web they have 25% , total price base + mattress = 2500€.
I attached link
Also… I have read in the Spanish forum about Ibis sweet Bed is a good opcion by the way anybody tell me anything about this matress ?
I attach link

So I Crash with this great forum and I am reading some posts about matress hoteles you said they are poor qualyty regarding provaider directly .
I am tired so I need with it will be the best opcion between this models :
-Sheraton Hotel only it would be for the 25% discount
-Ibis Sweet bed
-Simmons Feeling Firm
-Sealy® Illinois
I have read in your forum it is very important to know the provaider local I discovered this provaider seems interensting , I would like to know yours opinion

Hi Athan.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum :slight_smile: all the way from Spain! I was able to understand your post just fine no worries.

If the forums you were reading were, as you suggested, not mattress-specific, I would be hesitant to trust them as a source as their goal is likely affiliate sales.

Have you tried a Sheraton Hotel Bed before? I would caution against making a decision based on other people’s reviews, as what one person feels and enjoys on a mattress can be very different than what you may need and prefer. If you haven’t already, I would suggest taking a look at our Mattress Shopping Guidelines. It is our suggestion that people stay away from major brands.
I have taken a look at the Sheraton Hotel Bed. It appears to be an innerspring mattress with a pillow top. Unfortunately, specific information about this mattress was impossible to find (the thickness of the comfort layer, the materials in the comfort layer, information about the pocketed coils). Without this information, and without knowing your BMI (height/weight) and sleeping positions, it’s hard for me to make a meaningful comment about this mattress.

“Hotel mattresses” tend to be lower quality and value than the consumer mattresses made by the same manufacturer in the same price range and more basic versions of the retails products that many mattress companies offer (which isn’t a good thing). One of the “secrets” to many hotel mattress is that they usually use a bedding package that includes a mattress pad or topper that is a big part of how the mattress feels and can also add to the durability of the mattress (replacing a mattress pad or topper can be less costly than replacing a whole mattress because a mattress or sleeping system will usually soften or break down from the top-down). In many cases the more subjective short term experience of sleeping at a hotel is an improvement over the mattress that people sleep on regularly and this often “translates” into the perception that hotel mattresses are better than they are. They are a frequent source of buyer’s remorse. They tend to be firmer products using softer “top-of-bed” materials to create extra plushness. There’s more good information about hotel mattresses in post #3 here.

It would appear the Sweet Bed by Ibis is a mattress made of polyfoam. The danger with polyfoam is that it can often be a “weak link” in a mattress – depending on your BMI and the density of the material, it may break down rather quickly. Our Mattress Durability Guidelines talks more about this. Again, without knowing your BMI and the density of the polyfoam in this mattress, it would be hard for me to make a meaningful comment.

I was able to find some better specifications for the Simmons “Feeling Firm” Mattress.
30 cm height
Sensoft Evolution® firm suspension
Sensoft Evolution® Ultime springs
Aquasens batting (150 gr / m2)
Quallofil Allerban® batting (300 gr/m2)
Biosens cover
Elivéa® 4 cm, density 43 kg / m3 (2.5 lb/ft3)
Firm foam 1.7 cm, density 22 kg / m3 (1.3 lb/ft3)

There is not much information available about their Sensoft or Elivea technologies/materials and I was also unable to see more about the coil count, gauge, or thickness of but the spring unit is rarely the weak link in a mattress. The foam density looks adequate, assuming you are within a normal BMI.
I was unable to find a resource that breaks down the layers in the Sealy Illinois mattress. If you are able to find those specifications and share them with me, I’d be happy to make a comment on this mattress.

We do recommend that consumers seek a local retailer or manufacturers that are transparent about what is in their mattresses. See the how to find a great mattress outlet article here. When assessing any product, also be sure that you find out information listed here so you can compare the quality of the materials and components to the mattress durability guidelines here to make sure there are no lower quality materials or weak links in a mattress that would be a cause for concern relative to the durability and useful life of a mattress before making any purchase.

The Astral Nature mattresses are using high-quality materials. Are you considering the Nerva specifically?

Also, along with any mattress specifications you find, let us know what you are looking for in a mattress. What is your height and weight? What is your sleeping position? It will be much easier to comment There are many variables involved in making a good mattress purchase decision… so don’t feel tempted to rush it.



Thanks for your reply, Phoenix " the wise"

I sleep with my partner.

I attach you our IBMI;


I am 1.84 m , 75 Kgs , I am a very warm person , I sleep on side 80% and face down 20% .
I prefer firm mattress, I don´t like enviroment sensation wrapped .


She is 1,69 , 57 Kg, She sleeps 60% face-down and 40 % sleepping on side . She is a very sensitive cold person. She prefers medium firm

I am looking for about nature range , I don´t Know why about this , but it seems interesting .
I am too Lazy to try mattress in the retailers stores.

We have tried:
Sonpura Royal : We don´t like the sensation, it seems worse stability to movements.

We have tried another local Brand (ERCUM), also “natural”, It was ok , not badly . Mattress(180200 ) + Two bases(sonpura) 90200 = PVP 2300€ plus Topper 375€ .
I attach you the picture of them. I can to make some pictures in the shop catalog about this Mattress. I didnt see any information about this brand on internet .


The best for us has been “Astral Naure Nerva” , : We apreciatte the highest quality than local provider brand (ERCUM). I was able to find a good Price, Mattress (Astral NErva 180200 m ) + Two bases (Slim Astral )90200 3200€,. Nature with topper Nerva 3890€.
NERVA Matresses
[url=]Nerva Topper

Regarding our features and IBMI, Which do you think is the best choice to buy?

What is your opinion about Toppers ? We have tried Topper Nerva , we feel is a very fuffly sensation , but we don´t know if is better o not, we have some doubts with this issue.

Do you think to be justified the Nerva price ? And the Astral Nature brand ?

Also the retailer told me about Astral Nature Bora , is another type of the Brand, this model Is 1000 € cheaper tan Nerva, but I have not try yet this model, probably in the next days.

Do you know the difference between Nerva and Bora ?

Thank so very much.

Hi Athan.

Thank you for providing additional information.

You both are fairly light with low BMIs, so finding an adequate mattress to support your weight and sleeping profile shouldn’t be especially problematic.

You mention you are both side and stomach sleepers. I would recommend you read our article on sleeping positions to learn more about the kind of support you will need from a mattress.

[quote]I am looking for about nature range, I don´t Know why about this , but it seems interesting. I am too Lazy to try mattress in the retailers stores.

It’s just not possible to make specific suggestions or recommendations for either a mattress, manufacturers/retailers, or combinations of materials or components because the first “rule” of picking out a mattress is to always remember that you are the only one that can feel what you feel on a mattress. I wish there was another way but unfortunately, I can only help with “how” to choose.

If you are particularly interested in this mattress brand but don’t want to try them in person, you will certainly want to have a detailed phone conversation with the retailer/manufacture and ensure that they are knowledgeable and experienced and that they have your best interests at heart. They can help “talk you through” the specifics of their mattresses and the properties and “feel” of the materials they are using. When choosing something online, it’s important to deal with experienced, educated, and helpful manufacturers who have the knowledge to guide you through the process and find something that they honestly think will fit your specific sleeping positions, somatotype, BMI, and individual needs. Post #2 here and this topic has more about the pros and cons of a local vs an online purchase.

A topper is a great way to add additional comfort to a mattress that is less comfortable than you would like. Because you are purchasing a new mattress, I would suggest making a purchase that meets your support and comfort needs. Then, you won’t need a topper.

I have looked at both the Astral Nature Nerva and Bora mattresses. They use the same pocketed coil systems. The difference between these two mattresses is that the Nerva has camel wool and a latex layer, and the Bora uses sheep’s wool and a visco-soyfoam layer. The Nerva also has a silk component (which can be a great cooling element for those who sleep hot) whereas the Bora uses cotton (also a good choice for people who sleep hot).

I was yet again unable to find any information about the layering details in these mattresses. If I knew the thickness of each layer, as well as the densities of their latex or soyfoam, I would be able to offer additional commentary.

While price is certainly important of course … the “value” of a mattress purchase is what is most important and the price is just one of many factors that can affect the “value” of a mattress purchase. There isn’t a “formula” that can be used to assess or “calculate” the value of a mattress because there are so many different variables and criteria involved that can affect the price of a mattress that can each be more or less important to some people and not to others who may have completely different criteria or definitions of “value”. They do use high-quality components which may factor into the high price tag of these mattresses.

There is more about the 3 most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase in post #13 here which can help you make more meaningful quality/value comparisons between mattresses in terms of suitability (how well you will sleep), durability (how long you will sleep well), and the overall value of a mattress compared to your other finalists based on suitability, durability, and all the other parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you (including the price, and the options you have available after purchase if your choice doesn’t turn out as well as you hoped for).

I hope I have given you additional useful information to help you make a decision moving forward.


Hi Phoenix
thanks for you reply,.
Yes, we tried the Nerva , We lie down and it was a good sensation but a mattress you know if it is good when you have slept several days .

The difference of price between Nerva and Bora is 1000€.
Bora is cheaper than Nerva. Are you think it is justify this price?

I spoke with Astra Nature retailer and I asked them about the thickness layers, they said me the brand expert wasn’ t there, so he
will call me on Monday .

I want to buy a duvet and a pillow.
I was looking for some models, I had doubts, I need you support:
I used to sleep from the side and I put my arm below the pillow, I want to leave this habit. I was thinking in a latex pillow.
Will be it awesome for me ? What do you think about it?
I was looking for on this web and it seems interesting.
They have natural products.

Also , I read good reviews in this forum about this web ,
I spoke with them , they send from California and I live in Spain
I am worried about customs because the Price increases.


Regarding Duvet:
In my country in winter, into my house the temperature is over 16-19 degrees .
I am a hot person and my partner is a cold person.
What’s your opinion about that duvet?


Which would be your choice about these products?
Do you think they will be good for us?
Which webs ( ekoidwas or sleepandbeyon) have higher quality?
Do you know another European web with good products ? And with the posibility to deliver in Spain?

Best regards

Hi Athan.

When you are comparing mattresses made by two different manufacturers or sold by different retailers then just like any two businesses that offer similar (but not the same) products … differences in their raw material or component costs based on the quality or amount of materials, different production costs to make the mattress, different business and infrastructure costs, different business models and margins, different business volumes which can affect the cost of raw materials, the number of “steps” between the suppliers of the raw materials and the sale of the mattress, and the cost of different options they provide before or after a purchase (such as return or exchange options), different pricing policies, different shipping costs, different product or service “bonuses” that are included in a purchase, and any of the other normal differences between any two businesses will all lead to differences in how each business prices its products.

Some products may be more or less costly at one business while others may be more or less costly at the other but since nobody except the business itself has access to all this type of information … there is really no way to compare two mattresses based on the detailed specifics of “raw material cost” alone except in very general terms so your own testing and/or more detailed conversations with each manufacturer about the relative benefits of each mattress or the materials they use based on the information they provide you (and why each material has the benefits it does) becomes more important than the specific details of the actual cost of the all materials themselves or relatively small differences in prices.

[quote]I spoke with Astra Nature retailer and I asked them about the thickness layers, they said me the brand expert wasn’ t there, so he
will call me on Monday .[/quote]

Nice to hear they are willing to provide the details of the mattress. Have you heard from them yet? What were they able to tell you about their mattress layers, layer thickness, components, ILDs?

[quote]I want to buy a duvet and a pillow.
I was looking for some models, I had doubts, I need you support… I was thinking in a latex pillow.[/quote]

Pillows are a very personal choice and different people will have very different pillow preferences or different opinions about what they perceive as firm and soft or the general type of pillow that “feels” good to them but some of the information in the pillow topic here and the posts it links to can help you choose a pillow that is the best “match” for you and the mattress you are sleeping on. Like mattresses … there are certain “needs” that depend on body type (or in your case, specific medical needs) and sleeping positions but with pillows, personal preferences play a more important role because the face is much more sensitive to textures, temperature, smells, and other more subjective “feel” based properties of a pillow. There is more about choosing pillows in the above-mentioned pillow thread that you might find interesting if you haven’t read it already, and the other topics and sources of information that it links to that may be helpful as well.

I took a look at the pillows you are considering and can see that two are shredded latex, and two are wool.
In very general terms, fiber fillings (like wool) will tend to compress and pack down and become firmer over time (or in some cases over the course of the night) more than shredded foam materials.

Regarding duvets…

While it’s not my area of specialty, and comforters would also be a matter of personal preference and of course the conditions in your bedroom, there is some good information about comforters (including wool, which is one of the options you are considering) in this topic and this topic and this topic and in post #24 and onwards here and this topic that may be helpful.

We don’t often get European visitors to the forum. Hopefully, this changes over time. We don’t currently cover European mattresses or bedding products that could confidently recommend. As a rule, we only recommend products from our Trusted Members.

If you come across any products that you like and manage to find the mattress specifications needed , don’t hesitate to share them with us. It could be helpful for future European consumers who come across the forum.