Pls don't judge- co-sleeping quandary re: mattress

First off- this site is amazing! I love it when I stumble across consumer information gems like this site that debunk industry pricing myths/drivers!

We need to get a mattress within the next two weeks- the mattress is noisy, springy and is collapsing in the middle!

We have a one year old baby who is currently sleeping with us in our bed (please no snark- it’s a family decision). Which has us sleeping on our sides now and for the next year or so.

Is there a combo that you would recommend for short-term side sleepers who will eventually sleep on their backs? I *think that I read somewhere that we can realistically expect a 10-15 year life of a quality mattress, so is it safe to assume that we should be buying for back sleeping only and perhaps be a little uncomfortable in the mean time?

Is it possible to find a combination of layers that fits our needs and budget? Our budget is about $2000

In case this helps here are our specs:
Adult1: 5’9; 180 pounds; no back/neck issues etc; sweats a bit when sleeping
Adult 2: 5’2; under 120 pounds :wink: no back/neck issues etc
Child 1: 2’0; likes to kick daddy when sleeping

We live in downtown Milwaukee but are willing to drive to find a quality retailer.

Finally: do quality pillows and waterproof sheets have a lot of affect on performance of the mattres

Hi frankie81,

I hope that nobody would judge anyone for making a personal choice like co-sleeping because these are choices that each family makes on a very personal level that is usually well researched and meaningful.

While there are too many variables and unknowns for anyone to be able to make specific suggestions about “what” mattress someone may do best with … I’m happy to help with “how” to choose (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here).

Just in case you haven’t read it … post #1 here also includes the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices.

I would also suggest that if your side sleeping is temporary and you usually sleep on your backs then choosing a mattress based on your normal sleeping positions would be the best idea and then you can add a fairly thin topper to accommodate if you need any extra softness for your side sleeping (and this may not even be necessary) and when you are no longer co-sleeping then you can just remove the topper. There would also be an argument for temporarily sleeping on a firmer mattress designed for back sleeping because young infants generally do better on a firmer surface.

Most mainstream mattresses won’t last close to 10 - 15 years but a mattress that uses higher quality more durable materials can certainly last that long.

Post #2 here includes links to several threads about children and mattresses that you may also find helpful.Reading these like you would a good book rather than “studying” them like you would a textbook will be all you need.

Some of the better options and possibilities in the Milwaukee area are listed in post #2 here.

Absolutely yes although the cost of a mattress will depend on the size, whether you need a foundation, and on the types of materials and combinations you prefer. The only thing I would strongly suggest if you are co-sleeping is that you avoid memory foam.

Pillows are an important part of alignment and will have a significant effect on how well you sleep yes but not on the mattress itself. Different body types and sleeping positions need different types of pillows. The pillow thread here has more about pillows.

I’m assuming by waterproof sheets you mean a mattress protector? If that’s the case you can read more about the pros and cons of different types of protectors in post #89 here but if waterproof is important to you then the thin membrane type would likely be the best choice because they have little effect on the feel of a mattress and are also the most waterproof even though the “tradeoff” is that they can restrict airflow and ventilation (and sleeping temperature) more than the other types of protectors.

You have a little reading to do but it will end up saving you more time in sorting your way through all the marketing stories and misinformation once you begin to test mattresses and will help you reach a good decision much more quickly when you have some good basic knowledge to start off with.

Of course if you have questions along the way don’t hesitate to post them :).