Plus size side sleeper on a budget

Hi there, like many I have spent a couple days looking over the Mattress Underground resources and trying to understand how to go about making a mattress purchase.

I have just moved into a new apartment and don’t have a mattress, so my search is pretty time-sensitive. I am about 230 pounds, 5’10" and a side/combination sleeper. While I am definitely looking for a mattress that will last, I also anticipate having a potentially move a few times in the next few years so I don’t feel ready to make a super expensive investment (as I maybe would be if I owned a home and knew I would be sleeping in the same place and the same bed for the next 10 years).

I have tried some of the local mattress stores in my area (Western Massachusetts) but unfortunately the majority of options I have seen are out of my price range (max $1000 but ideally less, $500-800. One local store that did have a few options does not allow returns, which I would like to prioritize if at all possible.

From the in person testing I have done so far, I have ruled out memory foam (don’t like the feel) and all-foam options (I don’t think most options on my budget will hold up with my weight and needs). I like a medium to soft top, so I am looking into different hybrids and innerspring with softer, plush comfort layers. However from my in person shopping I have found almost nothing that I liked within my price range.

Two options I am considering now from my research are:

Costco Ghostbed Hybrid (softer and more affordable than the Ghostbed Luxe hybrid on their regular site, Costco very flexible return window)

Features copied from their website:

  • Ghost Ice Cooling Cover Quilted With Cool Tech Fiber And Gel Memory Foam
  • 1.5" Ghost Bounce Foam That Contours To Your Body
  • 2” Gel Memory Foam For That “Ghosthug” Feeling
  • 6” Ghostflex Reinforced Patented Coil Unit, A Weightless Feel With Spirited Edge™ Perimeter Support
  • 1" Base Layer For Maximum Support


Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid (currently on sale for $1000)
8” individually encased Ascension® coils
Premium quilted top with premium memory comfort foam and Variflex™ compression support


Thoughts about comparing these mattresses, if I may be on the right track, and maybe my biggest questions – are there other good options I can find at a slightly lesser price point? If it’s really the case that I won’t be able to find any semi-durable mattress that meets my needs for less, than I can do $1000 but if there are other potential options more in the $500-800 that would be a little better for me. Appreciate any feedback and help!

Hi alandiacr.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :slight_smile:

It looks like you’ve done a bit of research and within the limits of your budget I’d say you’ve picked two good options in terms of price and relative durability.

GhostBed is one of our Trusted Members and while this particular mattress is on the low end of our durability recommendations, it’s still within them. Now, you also have to factor in that you’re larger in stature so it’s possible you get less durability out of the mattress than say, someone who is 5’4" and 110 lbs (despite the make/model/price of the mattress).

Something else that some folks do when they’re on a budget constraint is to buy a firm innerspring mattress for a cheaper price and then invest in a topper or two (like 2" comfort layer, 2" transition layer" to their liking in terms of comfort and support to put on top of the innerspring. It’s one of the things that helps the budget and you get a baby DIY experience. But that is it’s own rabbit hole, haha.

I hope this helps in some way. Please do feel free to come back with any additional questions!


I’m a plus-sized side sleeper. I bought a GhostBed 3D Matrix mattress. It is a hybrid mattress (coils & foam). Worst decision! The mattress let me sink in too much. Within 3 days I started getting back spasms. By the time GhostBed allowed me to return it, I couldn’t stand up straight. GhostBed forces you to keep the mattress at least 30 days in order to “ get used to it”. Then they try to talk you into keeping it, or exchange it for a different mattress (if you exchange the mattress, it’s a final sale, cannot return it). They also want you to try out a bed topper at least 2 weeks. I have only received a partial refund from GhostBed. Buying from GhostBed has been a huge and very costly mistake. If you buy from Costco, they have amazing customer service and return policy. It is heavy and it is pretty soft so it’s hard to move. I ended up buying a regular, old-fashion innerspring mattress with a pillow top (pillow tops are great for side sleepers). It was a lot cheaper than GhostBed which is good because I’m still trying to get the rest of my money refunded GhostBed. It cost about $799.
Good luck! Let me know what you choose.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Tiredandsleepy. What mattress did you ultimately end up with? How is it working out for you now?