Plush Beds say

That they only sell 100% Natural Latex Talalay from LI on their site. “No Blended Latex”
What do you know? B)

Hi itx,

You sound surprised … did you think they sold something else? Their site is quite clear that their Talalay is 100% natural and their base layers are 100% natural Dunlop. As you mentioned they don’t provide an option for blended Talalay.


Thanks, for the reinsurance.You seem surprised that someone could be skeptical of buying online in general regardless of what they advertise.
Your opinion is good enough for me, although I realize even the best of them can misstep.(being kind with my words lol)
Appreciate you site.

Hi itx,

I think that in the current market it’s always a very good idea to be skeptical of what anyone advertises.

My comments were more about trying to get a “read” on why you posted with the emphasis you did and I wasn’t sure if you had been told that they didn’t offer all natural talalay and were surprised to find that they did or whether you were thinking that somehow a manufacturer that only offers one type of latex is preferable to one that offers a choice of different types of latex or even that you thought that 100% natural latex is “better” than blended talalay (vs just different) and were emphasizing that they only sold what you (or they) believed was the “best” kind of latex (to the exclusion of other types or options) and that this was a “good thing”.

For those who are looking for the specific combination of a 100% natural Dunlop base with 100% natural Talalay on top they are certainly a “better than average” option although they are not in the “best value” range compared to other online sources that use similar components.

So I certainly didn’t mean to dampen your “skepticism” (or anyone else’s for that matter) which I believe is well justified :slight_smile:


This is the email I received from them "
For starters, go through our website and see if we sell any blended latex; we don’t. " I was just looking for confirmation of their statement.

What ur opinion with plushbeds compared to latex-pedic? Can’t believe I’m spending so much time on this. Should have kept my 12+ year old mattress.

Plushbeds doesn’t use glue so that’s a benefit right?

Hi incognito,

They both make mattresses that use high quality materials and there are no lower quality materials or weak links in the mattresses made by either company.

Any other differences would depend on the specific mattresses you are comparing because the specifics of a mattress and how well they “match” the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you are more important than the name of the company that makes it. There is more about the most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase in post #13 here.

There are pros and cons either way. Many of the latex-pedic mattresses are two sided which generally do best with gluing while many of the mattresses that Plushbeds make are component latex mattresses that have the ability to exchange a layer so gluing them would remove this advantage. There is more about the pros and cons of two sided mattresses in post #3 here and there is more about the pros and cons of glued vs unglued layers and zip covers vs tape edged covers in post #2 here and the posts it links to.