Plush mattress history question

I did looked on the online but I can’t find, please I would like to know when it was first introduced plush mattress?

I believe the first pillow top mattress introduced on 2000

Hi f23948.

I hope I’m understanding correctly. Are you wondering about the first ever plush mattress model?

If we look back in history, evidence of “luxurious” beds exist as early as the 5th century (filled with soft, downy feathers) and continues through time. The first innerspring bed came to market in 1871, but it wasn’t until the 1930s that the mattress as we know it today became truly popular. Over time, more and more padding has been/was added to innersprings to provide a more comfortable sleep experience.

Memory foam wasn’t available for mattress use until the 1990s where latex became popular in the 1950s.

We can assume plush/softer versions of these materials have existed since they came to market.

Are you looking for information about a specific type of plush mattress?



Yes, you’re correct.

I can not be positive about this, but If I remember correctly Serta came out with something called a pillow soft or something like that. But when I got married in 1986, I thought I was offered what was called a Plush top option or Pillowtop option. The pillowtop was not as thick as they are today at 2-4" but it had an extra layer of padding with a taped edge indented like a modern pillowtop edge is today, just not as thick, around the surface.I remember choosing the plush top, which I was told was the ultra firm plush top, flippable innerspring mattress as it had this puffy extra top layer that literally looked “puffed up” and you could feel the “extra layer” of cushion.
Here are a few picures from ad’s I could round up. You can see the indentation/separation of the upper comfort top, perhaps the beginning of the modern pillowtop.

Serta ad circa 1981 if you look closely you can see the indent and the taped edge
Serta ad circa 1983Serta Pillow Top
Serta ad circa 1985 “choose your cushion top layer”


This is super helpful information. Thanks for the research on commercial plush models.

As far as the first ever plush bed ever made, I’m gonna have to say…the 5th century, haha.

That’s my answer, and I’m sticking to it!



I guess when they put hay and straw in sacks and threw them on a leather covered wooden bed, there goes the original pillow top. :sleeping_bed:. And that is my ancestor sleeping on a pillowtop mattress 5784 years ago and i am sticking to it, and he looks just like me too :rofl:

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