Just a note re this online retailer. Although they have a nice return policy on paper, it is quite onerous in reality. We ordered a latex mattress, and it did not suit us. This happens - thus, the return policy. However, wrapping a latex mattress in plastic and boxing it up, as required by PLUSHBEDS is terribly difficult and time consuming. Doing so, required me to make two trips to various box and supply stores, and required my husband and I to spend 2 evenings doing back-breaking work to wrap and box the layers of this mattress. Pushing this mattress down our hallway is much like I imagine it would be like pushing a giant amoeba. The more you try to move it, the more you just sink into it. Well, after spending $50 in supplies, doing many hours worth of work (which resulted in a strained back muscle and several days of a Rx pain reliever - not all bad), we are rewarded with the near impossible assignment of being at home for FIVE HOURS on a weekday while waiting for the pick up of the mattress.

BEWARE the kindly return policy. It is not always so KIND to the buyer. Be very sure you want this mattress before ordering. Do not count on the ease of returning it.

ALSO - I tried to submit this review through their website. NOT HAPPENING. They clearly screen the reviews and do not allow anything negative through.

Hi youtzie,

I think anyone that has tried to box up a complete latex mattress will agree that it’s not easy, especially if it has a 6" core … although it’s certainly preferable to not being able to return it at all and to their credit they do have a generous return policy which pays for return shipping and only charges $99 which reduces the risk of trying one of their mattresses.

They also have a layer exchange where you can just exchange a single layer to fine tune the mattress so it’s a better fit for your needs and preferences and it’s a lot easier to box up and ship a single layer than an entire mattress. Did you try a layer exchange before you returned it?

Thanks for your feedback about Plushbeds and the challenges of boxing and shipping a latex mattress / amoeba :slight_smile:

From my perspective though … it actually shows more of the benefits of their return policy and others like it in spite of the challenges involved.


I hear ya, and I agree that a so-so return policy is better than none. At the recommendation of PLUSHBEDS, I did not do a layer exchange, but, instead, played around with the layers that I did have to create a firmer mattress. If that worked, I would have done a layer exchange, but it did not seem wise to further invest in mattress that just wasn’t working for me.

I remember reading on a website - I thought it was PLUSHBEDS - that to return a latex mattress all the customer had to do was to wrap it in a canvas drop cloth, and leave it on the sidewalk. I was under the impression that was the return policy of PLUSHBEDS, and to be faced with the difficult tasks of wrapping, boxing and waiting around for the pickup guy, was rather disappointing and overwhelming.

As a customer, I would have liked to be told up front how daunting task of returning the mattress, so that I could weigh my options. Someone has an easier return policy. So, I am just letting people know, based on my experience - either be SURE you want a PLUSHBEDS latex mattress, or find a company that is easier to work with.

Hi youtzie,

That would be a very unusual return policy … and really risky … because you would have no proof that the mattress was picked up.

I completely agree with this and it’s always a good idea to find out the details of any exchange or return policy before any purchase from any company along with any other policies or details that may be important to you so you can factor it in as part of what I call your “personal value equation” when you make a mattress purchase. Foresight is always better than hindsight and I appreciate your suggestion :slight_smile: