Plushbeds hybrid warranty return - latex or memory foam replacement?

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we’re in the process of getting a warranty replacement for a 3.5yr old Luxury Bliss, medium firmness King mattress. It had started to sag on both sides and developed a pronounced central ridge down the middle. It’s on a slatted platform foundation (from a Winkbeds trial) that doesn’t appear to be at fault, more of a manufacturing anomaly most likely. We have never been fully comfortable on this mattress, added a 2" soft dunlop topper and plush cover, but still tossed and turned quite a bit. I’m 6’1" 220lbs, she’s 5’4" 120lbs. We’re definitely in the combo sleeper category, starting off stomach/side and ending up side/back…I prefer medium~medium firm with a bit more plushness, she prefers more medium firm, and doesn’t like that sinking feeling.

We’re not keen on getting another Luxury Bliss, and Plushbeds’ customer service have been very accommodating allowing us to choose any replacement we wish, paying the difference if it’s an upgrade from what we originally ordered. Before getting this mattress we slept on a Pure Talalay Bliss Nature, medium-firm Queen mattress, that she liked and I also initially liked but tended to bottom out on the support layer too much. A 3" soft topper solved the problem for me, but was a bit too soft for her. We also tried and loved the Beautiful model at the time but was too expensive. Both definitely prefer the feel of talalay over dunlop, and dislike the traditional mem foam feel but open to the newer formulations. So we’ve been looking at either the Cool Bliss or Natural Bliss (medium or medium-firm) instead.

The Cool Bliss is a memory foam / latex combo. The review by Memory Foam Talk showed it to be quite responsive (more than traditional memory foam), comfortable and supportive. Reviews on the Plushbeds site are stellar, indicating that it’s also quite supportive even for heavier sleepers, and sleepers of all average weights don’t experience that sinking feeling.

Which brings us to the Natural Bliss, the folks at Plushbeds seemed to think the Natural Bliss in medium would be best for combo sleepers, but I think the support core might be too soft?

10" Natural Bliss Medium:
2" soft talalay (19-21 ILD)
2" med-soft talalay (22-23 ILD)
6" medium dunlop (24-26 ILD)

10" Natural Bliss Med-Firm:
2" medium talalay (24-26 ILD)
2" medium talalay (24-26 ILD)
6" med-firm dunlop (29-31 ILD)

With the med-firm option, we can add a softer talalay topper if it’s too firm, whereas if the medium is too soft we’re kinda goosed? And depending on the thickness and ILD of topper it may be possible to approximate the feel of the PTB Nature (2" 21 ILD Talalay, 2" 28 ILD Talalay, 6" 36 ILD Talaly) or Beautiful (3" 15~19 ILD Talalay, 3" 24 ILD Talalay, 6" 36 ILD Talalay) models, or something in between, within reason?

Since this is a warranty replacement, there is no trial period and we pay for shipping so it’s really a one shot deal. We’re not keen on a split option which leads to more combo headaches…just want a bed that works. We were close to pulling the trigger on the Cool Bliss since it had only one firmness option and most reviewers said it was a very comfy bed for all sleepers, then Plushbeds support folk indicated the Luxury Bliss may be better for our combination, so I don’t know anymore?

Any and all advice and perspective is appreciated!!

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Hi Noden:

I’ll try to offer a few pieces of advice.

I would add some extra cross slats if the design allows for it. The spacing on the base between slats appears to be larger than the 3" that is recommended by most all-latex mattress mattress manufacturers.

I’ll echo the advice that is repeated here on the forum (both for you and others who may read this post in the future) that using reviews to select a mattress is the most unreliable way to select a product. I would instead focus on your own testing of the same or “comparable” products, specifications of materials, and the advice of a knowledgeable manufacturer who is intimately familiar with their offerings.

[quote]10" Natural Bliss Medium:
2" soft talalay (19-21 ILD)
2" med-soft talalay (22-23 ILD)
6" medium dunlop (24-26 ILD)[/quote]

Based upon the information you provided about you and your previous testing, I would tend to agree with you that I would have a concern that this might be too soft or “unsubstantial” for your needs. (Dunlop is best expressed as density instead of ILD, but we’ll trust the ILD approximation range provided you.)

[quote]10" Natural Bliss Med-Firm:
2" medium talalay (24-26 ILD)
2" medium talalay (24-26 ILD)
6" med-firm dunlop (29-31 ILD)[/quote]

This would more closely approximate the PTB Nature, although it isn’t the same, as the support core is Dunlop with a different compression modulus than the Talalay core used in the PTB bed. There could be a possibility here that you might “feel through” the comfort layers and the bed might feel stiff to you (realize that all of the layers within a mattress work in unison and don’t compress sequentially). If this ended up being the case, you may wish to investigate a 2" Talalay topper that is firmer than the ultra plush 3" one you tested previously, or a 3" topper that is a higher ILD than the ultra plush one you tested previously, so that it wouldn’t feel too soft for your wife.

These are the best guesses I can make with the limited information I have in front of me. Overall, 'll tend to side with leading sleep ergonomic researchers and defer toward items that promote better deep support and attempt to find something that has “just enough” plushness on top to get the job done. You can always add a quality topper to increase surface plushness, but replacing deep support or making a mattress feel harder on top is not as easily accomplished.

Perhaps a latex mattress manufacturing member here on the site can contribute more specific information to assist you as well.

Good luck!

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