pocket coil with latex or just pocket coil mattress near San Jose CA

I’m looking for a good pocket coil mattress without much foam that I can put a latex topper on or a pocket coil with all natural 100% latex in the bay area, prefer in San Jose or north of San Jose toward San Francisco. Help!

Hi orderskaren,

The San Francisco list is in post #2 here and the San Jose list is in post #2 here (there is some overlap).

Several of the manufacturers on the lists (including BayBed which is one of the manufacturing members of the site) make a mattress that is a latex/innerspring hybrid, use good quality materials including natural latex, have good value, and can be customized to your specifications as well. This way you won’t have several inches of polyfoam in the upper layers of your sleeping system which would become the weak link of the mattress.

You have some great options to choose from :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.