Poly foam densities of innerspring mattresses

I can’t find the post right now, but I remember Phoenix recommending that I carefully check the density of any poly foam mattress I consider buying.

We will be trying this bed soon:

I just called Bedrooms And More. One of the owners, Blake, told me that the density of the foam in this bed is 1.8 pounds. He also said that it is approximately 20% soy foam (the rest being polyurethane) and CertiPUR-US.

Interesting that he mentioned the importance of frequent flipping and rotating during the first six months. He actually recommends doing this every two weeks! He said that after the mattress is six months old, you can shift to quarterly flips and turns.

He also offered to air it out in their warehouse for two weeks prior to delivery. Since we are both chemically sensitive.

Any feedback?

Hi Buttercupbetty,

You’re probably meaning this post:

CertiPUR is similar to Oekotex 100, although Phoenix notes a bit less stringent. Basically, it’s there to indicate the safety of the materials. Any foam you get should be CertiPUR certified (or Oekotex 100 but that’s less common in polyfoam or memory foam).

Hi Buttercupbetty,

Just to clarify … soy foams and other plant based foams are polyurethane foams. You can read more about it in post #2 here.

The guidelines here and the post about durability here both include the minimum density polyfoam I would consider.

I would also agree with Blake that flipping and rotating a two sided mattress more frequently at first and then once a season after that will extend its useful life. This is one of the advantages of a two sided mattress.

1.8 lb polyfoam is a good quality material … especially in a two sided mattress in the budget range you are looking at.