PolyFoam Topper

I think I’m ready to try a polyfoam topper.
I have a latex mattress, which is good for the support, but my body doesn’t like the comfort layer.

I currently have a memory foam topper which typically starts out nice with all of my pressure points sinking in, but by morning, my body aches because I’ve sunk in too far.

Where can I get a firm / medium firm high density polyfoam topper?

Thanks in advance

My current Memory Foam Topper is 2.5 inches, and I’m guessing it has a ILD of 15.

Considering a 1 inch HR Foam Very Soft (ILD 15) from foamonline.com

I’m hoping that it’s just thick enough to take some pressure off, but my body will hit the support layer pretty quickly… or I could go for a slightly firmer Soft (ILD20)

Hi Jester,

The component list here includes the better online sources for polyfoam that I’m aware of and there are also some comments and comparisons in post #4 here and post #6 here that may be helpful as well.