Possibly going to do a layer change

I purchased a 13" latex mattress from Flexus Comfort mid May and am coming up on my 30 days. The bed has softened up some but I am considering a layer change and would appreciate some feedback. As a reminder, I am about 240 lbs, real broad shoulders and a side sleeper. I have been fairly comfortable on the new mattress and feel like the support is good but have been waking up with sore shoulders and hips.

The layers I have today are:

3" talalay 22-24 ild
3" Dunlop 31 ild
3" Dunlop 35 ild
3" Dunlop 40 ild

I folded the 22-24 layer in half on one side with the 31 folded in half on the other and slept on that so:

6" talalay 22-24 ild
3" Dunlop 35 ild
3" Dunlop 40 ild

This felt better and my shoulders and hip weren’t sore but I felt there wasn’t quite enough support for my back.

Since Flexus will let me swap one layer should I swap out the 22-24 talalay for a 19 ild or swap the 31 Dunlop for a softer in Dunlop? Another option is ask them if I can swap the 31 Dunlop for something like a 28 talalay.

I will talk to Flexus as they have been great to work with but thought I would run it by people here for a second opinion.

Thanks again!


Hi djarchow,

A knowledgeable and experienced manufacturer such as Flexus will be the most reliable source of information about their own mattresses and the options they have available and they will also have the benefit of feedback from many other customers who have similar circumstances and experiences to your own. This is always the fist place I would start.

While it’s only “educated guesswork” and it would generally be a much better idea to make these types of choices based on a much more detailed phone conversation … given the information you provided and your experiences on your mattress and your doubled layer, if I was in your shoes I would be leaning towards exchanging the second layer down with a slightly softer Talalay layer (such as the 28 ILD you mentioned). This would be “in between” your current mattress and the doubled over layer that you tried so it would be softer than what you have but a little more supportive than your “doubled” comfort layer. I think that only exchanging the top layer for a softer layer may have similar issues since the difference isn’t a lot and you may still feel too much of the firmness of the 31 ILD Dunlop underneath it as you will “go through” the top layer even more easily.