Prana mattress cleaning. How to?

Hi! We have a Prana mattress and there are some stains on the ticking. Do you know if these mattresses are be professionally steam cleaned? Or will the deep steam harm the latex?



Steam cleaning probably wouldn’t really reach the latex because there is a couple inches of polyfoam on top of your mattress but it wouldn’t harm it if it did no. I would be very cautious about steam cleaning though because the heat can set some stains and it can also leave moisture in the foam on top of your mattress which is difficult to dry and can lead to mold and mildew issues if it’s not dried completely. There is some good information about cleaning a mattress and spot cleaning any stains here and here and here.

It’s always important to use the least amount of water possible and then use a fan or a hair drier on the coolest setting to make sure it’s completely dry before putting your sheets and bedding on again.