Prana mattress

Hi Finn,

A mattress that is suitable for you is designed to keep your spine and joints in good alignment when you are lying down and your weight is more evenly distributed so it would be normal to sink more deeply into a mattress when you are sitting because your weight is more concentrated into a smaller area. Are you experiencing any physical pain or discomfort when you sleep on the mattress?

All new mattresses will have a break in and adjustment period where the materials will soften a little and your body will get used to a new sleeping surface that is probably different from what it’s used to (see post #3 here). Jordan’s Furniture has a 60 day exchange policy but they do require that you sleep on a mattress for at least 30 days first so that the mattress has a chance to break in and you have the chance to adjust to a new mattress. If the mattress still wasn’t a good match for you when you were getting closer to 60 days though it would have been a good idea to exchange it for a mattress that was a better “match” for you. Is there a reason you didn’t ask for an exchange before the 60 days were up?

You can read more about the previous versions (up to version 4) of Pranasleep mattresses in post #3 here and in post #2 here and in post #3 here and in posts #1 and #2 here and a forum search on Prana (you can just click this) will also bring up more information and feedback about them as well.

The good news is they changed the design in version 5 and the top layers of polyfoam are now higher quality/density and are no longer what I would consider to be a weak link in the mattress in terms of durability but they are still in a significantly higher budget range than other similar mattresses and the top layers are still polyfoam so you would still be feeling and sleeping on polyfoam as much as latex. There is more about the new version 5 in post #19 here and I would certainly make some very careful “value” comparisons with other latex mattresses that are in a lower budget range before considering one of their mattresses to be the “best value” choice available.