prana vinyasa

does anyone have any experience with the vinyasa. I read a lot of bab stuff about the prana lotus but nothing about this line. The mattress is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow & would like feedback prior so that I can cancel if necessary. It is a 55% latex blend and I have seen many 100% natural on websites for less money but my wife tried the prana & liked it and we can’t easilt test the ones on the websites. Any advice is appreciated

Hi jmriz,

I think post #3 here should be helpful in evaluating the Prana line.

The most important part of any mattress purchase is to know the quality of the foam layers in the mattress, particularly in the upper layers. In this case … I would want to know the density of the 3" polyfoam layer in the quilting of the mattress because this is what you will be sleeping on and will be the weak link of the mattress most subject to wear and softening. Knowing the specifics of the layering will also give you the ability to make more meaningful quality/value comparisons with other mattresses.

If you do decide to broaden your search … if you let me know your city or zip I’d be happy to let you know of any of the better manufacturers or retailers in your area that I’m aware of.