President's day Mattress Sale for Memory foam mattress

We have recently purchased our home and we are in the process of finding the perfect mattress for our room. Wife and I both like memory foam mattress and we have spent weeks and weeks to try out different brands before we come down to the 3 mattress.

Serta iComfort Goodnight refined
TEMPUR-Rhapsody Breeze

We tried out both Serta and TEMURPEDIC. Serta seems to be a little bit on the firm side and the Tempurpedic is a little bit plush but still have tons of support.

Now, for the select foam. Although it compares itself to the tempurpedic. However, there is no way for us to sleep on it and test it out since we are over at VA. However, the price point is very attractive. Do we have any forum user who had experience with the Select foam Regalis HD mattress and can provide me with some feedback? In addition, I see select foam is on the underground membership list? How do I get that 5% if I order the mattress online? Or do I have to call them in person.

Since we are in no hurry getting the mattress to our new home. I have talk to multiple local retailers. They are offer discounts on the upon mentioned mattress on the President’s day sale. Does select foam plan on having sale on the Regalis HD around the same time frame?

Thanks in advance


Hi nbo,

As you can see from post #1 here along with the guidelines here it links to … two of these choices I would avoid completely. Tempurpedic is good for testing purposes however because they can be used in many cases as a reference point for other memory foam mattresses (depending on how well another manufacturer has “matched” their mattresses to them in terms of both quality of materials, design, and “feel”).

I think that the most important part of a “comfort comparison” is to go by how close they are to you which may be very different from how close they may be for someone else with a different body type, sleeping style, and subjective perceptions. If it is not close enough by your own perceptions (taking into account that every mattress in a store and that you buy new will have a break in period and some initial softening) then they have a free return so you can use your own comparisons as a reference point instead of someone else’s which may be very different. You can read more about this in post #4 here about “comfort reviews”. The odds are good though that they will feel a little firmer when they are new than the equivalent Tempurpedic in a showroom that has gone through its initial break in period.

To receive the 5% discount you would just call them and let them know you area member here and they will automatically apply it.

I would ignore any “time of year” sale or “major sale”. This is just marketing and great quality and value is available every day of the year if you know what to look for and are buying at a better manufacturer or retailer (see post #5 here and the video it links to). There is no need to allow any “sale” to create a false sense of urgency because it will just be followed by another … and then another … and then another. I’m sure Select Foam will probably have a Presidents sale which would be very similar to their “Winter sale” and every other sale they have with only minor differences.