Preventing latex layers from moving

How do you prevent the different layers of latex from moving with respect to each other. My top layers keep sliding to one side and I need to re-arrange them often.

Is it recommended to put some type of glue?

Any help is appreciated.


Hi Kamath.

Great question! Are your mattress layers from a DIY? Is it a topper?

Generally speaking, your latex layers won’t shift if in a proper encasement for your mattress. Are you finding this to be the issue, despite a well fitted encasement/cover?

You can use a glue to fix the layers together. To take some words from Phoenix…Any non toxic, non solvent, water based glue that remains flexible rather than hard or brittle after curing would do fine. They usually come in a spray can which is easier to apply. If you are gluing layers together then just a strip of glue on the edges and a few strips in the inside part of the layers is usually fine. You can also align the layers together and them fold back one half and glue it and then lay it down and fold back the other half. If you are gluing edges or rips or tears then you can cover them more completely and press them together for a few minutes.

Of course, you will only want to do this if you’re entirely satisfied with your configuration as once the layers are glued, they’re stuck (pun intended) that way :slight_smile: