Price as game changer?

Love this site- been on it trying to decide for years. The time to buy is here! Memorial Day discount?

Question: Anyone out there with knowledge of the best priced10-inch online, certified 100% natural (or organic) mattress to accommodate this?

Need the most clean mattress possible due to spouse recovered from lymphoma.
I’ve had back surgery so also need support when on back or side.
Yet… I love the softer feel.

Queen size- 140lbs 5’6 & 195lbs 5’10
prefer ability to exchange until it’s right

I bought a mattress two weeks ago and these memorial day sales aren’t sales at all. It’s the exact same price as it was yesterday, last week or probably a month ago. Don’t fall prey to these sales. Take your time and figure out what you want in a mattress.

I would agree with this. I haven’t bought any products from them and have no affiliation from what I can see apples to apples (comparing basically the same products) Flexus Comfort consistently has the best prices for all latex mattresses. Now I’m not taking into consideration any other factors than price.

thanks that’s helpful

You’re welcome. From what I’ve seen at least that’s been the case but others may know more.

I work with organic latex and many of our customers are chemically sensitive, so we are used to making accommodations or trying out different options for each person. No hidden sale prices here. :slight_smile: Feel free to send any questions my way if I can be helpful.