Price Negotiation? (Minneapolis area)

Hi Phoenix,

I’m new to the site and my husband and I are looking to purchase a latex or memory foam mattress in Minneapolis.

We agree with your post (link below), and would prefer not to purchase a mattress from an outlet where negotiation plays a huge part in what you pay.

Do you know if negotiation will be a factor in the pricing at The Original Mattress Factory or Restwell?

Thank you!

Hi Mic1234,

In general … the better factory direct manufacturers and retailers operate with a different business model than the larger brands and mass market outlets who will tend to mark up a mattress for the sake of “perception” and then the “fake sale” and negotiation is all about how much of this you will get back.

Both OMF and Restwell would be in the “better category” IMO that operate on smaller margins which means that their regular and listed pricing that they have every day of the year is better quality/value than the “sale prices” or “successful negotiations” with the larger brands or typical mass market stores.

Having said that … I would ask as a matter of course something along the lines of “is there anything you can add to this mattress as a bonus or discount” before I make a final decision. They will tend to give you a “yes or no” answer and tell you what is possible without the “back and forth” or “pulling teeth” of a typical negotiation and that will be the end of it. They well know that the value of what they are selling doesn’t depend on discounts but depending on the specific manufacturer or retailer they may be able to add some “extra value” such as bedding or pillows. Regardless of the answer … it wouldn’t make a significant difference in my decision but it’s always a good idea to ask anyway.