Price of latex mattress in San Francisco Bay Area

What is a reasonable price range for full Queen Latex mattress from one of “good stores” (that would make Phoenix happy)? Brand does not matter much but quality and aesthetics (does not look like something I put together myself in my garage) does.

We went to Natural Mattress store and prices seem to be around $3K for Queen. We liked two models. Does feel on higher side in terms of pricing.

Thank you

Hi aoysgelt,

The post I just answered here probably has some useful information about “price vs value” and how the price of a mattress alone is just part of its value.

As a reference point though … you can use some of the mattresses made by some of the members listed in post #21 here that are sold online as a reference point (making sure that the comparisons are apples to apples with similar materials and layering) and then add about 20% or so (or whatever premium you believe is reasonable) for the increased risk of an online purchase.

Then take all the benefits of all the other parts of a mattress purchase including the outlet you are buying from and do you best to decide which of these are most important to you in a mattress purchase (ability to customize the purchase, changes, exchanges, or adjustments that are possible after the purchase, and all the other benefits that go with buying from one outlet vs another).

If there are other similar mattresses sold locally then these would also make good comparisons and reference points.

The first step though is to make sure you know the more objective parts which is the exact layering and materials in each of the mattresses you are comparing. Without this you really have no way to compare any mattress you are looking at with any other mattress.

I will say though that $3000 can buy a “premium” queen size latex mattress with many “customized” or “special” features and is about as high as I would personally go so I would want a good reason to go this high because it is on the higher side of the range of what is “necessary”. I would also want to know that it compared well in every way with other options that may be similar enough to make a reasonable comparison and what if anything were the benefits of buying one of these specific mattresses from this particular outlet compared to other choices that may be available to you … some of which would likely be at a lower cost. Comparing these mattresses to others that may be available locally would also be a good means of knowing the relative value compared to other local choices.

I can’t make any more specific comments because you haven’t listed the components and materials of the mattress so there is no reference point for comparison or another mattress to compare it to. I would be looking carefully whether this had the features either in the mattress or the outlet that justified (in your eyes) the higher end of the price range though. It seems high to me as well but of course that is just an off the cuff opinion without knowing any specifics about the mattresses or the outlet you are looking at.


From my limited research, there are a couple of options in our area. Two are Earthsake and European Sleepworks in Berkeley, there is Foamorder in San Francisco, and the Natural Mattress Store in Walnut Creek. There are others in the Marin area, but I think these are your closest contenders.

Foamorder can make a multi-layer latex bed for around $1600 with a basic cover. Their reviews are mixed on-line, but the price sounds like it can’t be beat! As we are also in the market for a latex bed so we will be going there soon to check out their products.

I have purchased beds from European Sleepworks, and have been extremely satisfied in the past although they were not latex.Their factory in Richmond is beautiful and smells of nothing but clean cotton (you can pick up there).

Hi lrl and aoysgelt,

Post #2 here includes the better manufacturers and retailers that I’m aware of that are within reasonable driving distance of the San Francisco area. I should have included this in my last reply.

You have some great choices in the area.