Pricing of latex mattress and determining PPP

After many days of research and trying out mattresses in store, I’ve decided that I would like to purchase a mattress that is fully made of latex that is GOTS, GOLS, and Oeke-Tex certified. I’m at the point where the only questions I am concerned is:

  1. whether it is possible to get a lower pricing than what I am looking at right now? and
  2. Is there another way to know if it fits my PPP other than looking to see if my spine is straight and to lay on the bed for more than 15 minutes?
    - I’m 115-120lbs, BMI: 20 and sleeps on my back and occasionally side
    - Partner is 125-130 lbs, sleeps on back and side

I understand that $1900 is actually on the cheaper end of pricing, but it is still a bit steep for someone like me who just finished college and started working.

The owner has confirmed that both are GOTS, GOLS, and Oeke-Tex certified. The owner is extremely knowledgeable when answering my questions and even explained details such as why he uses the latex from a certain country.

Here are the specs of the local store where I’m looking to purchase my mattress:
Queen 8" latex(Dunlop): $1900
Queen 9" latex(Dunlop): $2100

I’m not sure if I should

  1. call latex manufacturers and ask how much they sell these materials for?
  2. Has anyone purchased latex layers directly from manufacturers and assembled the mattress by themselves?

This is my first time buying a mattress and the above seems like too much work for someone like me; while I am very interested in the whole latex mattress making/trading process as I’ve done so much research, but I’m not sure how far/how much information I would be able to get myself as a consumer.

TLDR: Could the pricing for the mattress I listed above be any better?

Thank you for any replies in advance!

Hi k31432.

I’m going to go ahead and say your price point is, as you said, the low range for a mattress with so many certifications, but it’s not impossible to find either. The “issue” as it were is that these certifications are expensive, hence the higher price tag on a mattress carrying them.

But, the Organic Latex by Sleep EZ is currently $1699 - $300 under your budget.

Truth be told, unless you do a DIY, you’re unlikely to find a more competitive price.

Every day! DIY Natural Bedding sells organic latex in 3" slabs as well as all the other components you’d need to complete your mattress.

We have a number of talented DIYers in the forum who may be able to chime in with their thoughts and resources, as well.