Princess and the Pea... That's Me

We purchased an innerspring mattress with built in comfort topper for our adjustable base (with massage) but after giving it a good couple of months of waking up really warm and with sore backs and necks, we traded it in for a Tempurpedic Contour Elite Breeze.

We chose this mattress even though it wasn’t suggested for side sleepers because we are both over 200lbs and the reviews and guides I read suggested that heavier people tend to do better with a firmer mattress. I also specifically wanted a Tempurpedic from the Breeze line because we both sleep hot.

We’ve been sleeping on Contour Elite Breeze for ten nights. The first night was rough, we both woke up with our arms asleep repeatedly, and stiff necks. But by now it has broken in enough that I only wake up with sleeping arms once or twice in the night. I don’t wake up sweating and over heated, and my back feels great in the morning. But my ankles are so sore and uncomfortable every moment I’m in the bed, like I’m laying on the ground. I’m not sure if more break in time will help with the sleeping arms, but it sure doesn’t feel like it will help with the ankles, since they will never be heavy enough to receive the benefits of the memory foam.

I only have a couple more weeks on my comfort guarantee, so I’m considering a few options:

  1. The next level down, firmness wise, of the Breeze model is the Cloud Supreme Breeze… but that would take me from a firm mattress to a soft mattress… they don’t have a Breeze option in medium firmness. So I may find that too squishy and end up with back pain again.

  2. Their newer ProAdapt mattress in Medium firmness… but although it has a cooling cover, it doesn’t have the additional cooling components that the Breeze models do, and I may end up over heating again.

  3. Stick with what I have and put something under my feet to cushion my ankles and trust that the upper area of the bed with get a bit softer since that’s where all my body weight is on the bed.



I have the contour elite , somewhere in your weight range probably and am back and side sleeper. Mainly a back sleeper now as it is a little hard on the shoulders. I have it about 4 months now.
The cloud is going to be a lot softer once it breaks in. If you are thinking about it you should go lay on it a good long while before purchasing.
My problem with softer foam beds has always been sagging at the hips and lower back.
The contour elite and breeze models are made with good high density foams that should hold up better to higher weight ranges.

The new pro adapt even in the firm is using slightly lower density foams In the top layers and much lower density foams in the support foam. If you do a search on the forum you should find a lot of info on higher density foams and weight ranges. There is also a webpage sleeplikethedead which has good info on certain bed models and suitable weight ranges for each.

As for the pressure points on your ankles, put something soft under them for now, mine hurt at first too but are good now.

Also remember to rotate the bed every 2-3 months so it wears evenly

Alll that being said , most people on this forum seem to buy latex so likely that will be suggested. I’m allergic so not an option though I did consider it till I realized I had an allergy.

After trying many foam bed in a boxes that either didn’t support me or were too hard I went with the tempurpdic. Costly but I’m happy so far


Thanks for taking the time to respond, Ari.

I just returned from Sleep Country. We tried the Adapt and ProAdapt and weren’t crazy about them. I did like the Cloud Supreme Breeze but the Cloud Luxe Breeze was more comfortable, even though it was a bit softer. The sales person explained that the Cloud Supreme doesn’t have the high density support layer that the Contour Elite and Cloud Luxe have, so that’s good to know.

The Cloud Luxe did feel very nice on my shoulders and ankles, but I’m afraid of exactly what you postulated too, about it getting softer over time and sagging in the hip area where most of my weight is.

Guess I’ll have to ‘sleep on it’. LOL. But ya, it might be better to just cushion my ankles for now… good to hear yours have gotten better over time. I also feel like the firmer the mattress the longer it will be comfortable.

I didn’t know about rotating the mattress, so thanks for that also, good tip!

Did you try the rhapsody luxe? It’s in the contour collection but much more contouring in my opinion then the contour elite. I loved it when I laid on it in the store but after being there awhile it started to dip too far at the hips(where my weight mainly is) an I felt some all too familiar lower back pain

Try the rhapsody luxe too before deciding… It has more durable materials also and might just be soft/contouring enough for you

the Princess and the Pea is me also LOL

Good tip, thanks!

Hi Noellepion,

I think this is your best choice since you already like this mattress. Our bodies can take up to 3 months to get use to a new mattress and for the break in period to be over. Chances are, that your ankles will accommodate to the sleep surface an everything will fall in place.

Please keep us posted in a few months,

All the best