Proposed hybrid build - soliciting any thoughts/insights

If the TMU community will humor me, I’m going to provide my king-size hybrid build and see if anyone has any thoughts or insights (understanding that ultimately we’re going to need to take it for a spin ourselves).

Me: 6’ and 205/220 (carrying it more and more in the gut, sigh…)

  • side sleeper (due to snoring), but naturally a back sleeper
  • recurring lower back/soaz band pain (muscle/nerve(?) issues, spine is structurally sound)

Her: 5’ 8" and a fit 130

  • stomach sleeper (a little on the side)

We both prefer a firm mattress (but I need pressure relief)

From top to bottom (encased in wool/bamboo quilted encasement):

  • 2 inch natural Talalay (soft 20 - 24 ILD) [contemplating going with a split soft/medium as one side may suit one of us better, or just going with medium across board if it’ll provide some pressure relief at my height/weight?]
  • 3 inch natural Talalay (firm) [contemplating going with firm dunlop for added density and less bounce?]
  • two twin xl, 8 inch Texas Pocket Coil quad coil with edge support (on external sides) in 15.5 gauge
  • one inch of HD36-HQ foam

I am also switching my pillow to a CST medium pillow in the hopes that it will better support me as a slide sleeper.

I would be interested in any thoughts people have on my choices at this point. Given our historical preference for firm, I would rather err on the side of being firm. That said, I’m learning that latex “soft” is not the same as a “soft” traditional spring mattress. In other words, soft is not synonymous with unsupportive. And while I’m trying to keep the mattress at 15 inches or lower, I am wondering is going to a 3 inch top layer would be worthwhile (or if that would start to actually make things soft, if I didn’t sink into the firm later below?).

Thanks again for any input you might have!

Hi Sam!

Yes!! This is so important. :slight_smile: If soft isn’t right for your support needs, then it’s just not right. But, soft can be and is supportive for all kinds of sleepers.

At first glance your build looks decent to me. Do you already have these materials? Or are you wanting feedback on them first?

Either way, I think starting with soft is the right approach and then if it’s too soft, you know you can or need to go up to a medium.

It’s tricky, because that’s quite a lot of foam for your flat profile sleeping partner. I’d start with less and add as needed.

There are a few folks in the forum similar in size to you with DIY experience. I hope they chime in as well!


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Thanks! I haven’t yet bought the components, so very interested in any thoughts other folks might have.

Could you please expand on your thought re the total amount of latex and how that might impact a flat sleeper? Was that more about the thickness of the soft layer, or soft and firm below? I appreciate any additional insight. Thanks again.