Protector for Latex Mattress

I know I’m looking for a 100% cotton mattress protector in order to keep from absorbing heat and make sure I sleep as cool as possible. What does this refer to? Only the outer cover or also the filling? Would this sleep cool?

Mattress Protector

Hi 01svtL,

There is more about the different types of mattress protectors in post #89 here. This would be one of the thin “membrane” type with the membrane on the bottom and the cotton fabric on top. There is no filling material.

As far as how it does with your sleeping temperature … that would depend on many other factors besides just the protector (see post #2 here). Anything that is waterproof will be less breathable than a fabric that isn’t waterproof which means that even though they would likely be fine for most people, they may sleep warmer for some and they would tend to be warmer than the other types of protectors that aren’t waterproof…