Pulled the trigger "Ultimate Dream 13" gel Mattress"

My wife and I have been in need of a new mattress. Currently we have a Cal King innerspring w/a pillow top. We purchased this bed while we were in college for $500 and thought it was great. The pillow top was so soft. Well forward about 1yr after purchase, and the dreaded sagging started to occur. We have been able to create a valley right in the middle that we continually roll into each night. So it is TIME!

I started my research for a new mattress over 2 weeks ago, and let me tell you I have been consumed, and confused. I started off by going to show room floors and trying out the different beds. I liked the icomfort series, and I really loved the Tempurpedic cloud beds. During one of my visits the salesman had my wife and I sold on the serta Trump bed, with innerspring and gel top. This bed was more affordable than the icomfort and especially the tempurpedic, and at this point I was ready to pull the trigger. So as we are checking out the salesmans credit card reader wouldnt get a signal (sign!). So we left the store and were going to come back the next day to complete the transaction. Once home I decided to research the trump bed, and found that many reviews said the bed after a short time started sagging. This would have put us right back into the predicament that we are in, so immediately i called the sales man and informed him we changed our minds and we need to do more research.

Thats where my research for a decent generic memory foam bed began. I started on Amazon like many of you, and was really looking at the Lucid 14" cashmere bed. i was alos looking at the lucid gel top bed as well. Thats when i came accross the dream ultimate bed, and this website (2 weeks later). Well after a couple hour session last night reading everyhting i can, I made the decision to go with the Ultimate Dream 13" Gel Mattress. ORder Placed!

I will review once i get this Mattress up the 3 flights of stairs and set up.

Thanks for this site, and community!

Hi rkraider,

What a great story of “just in the nick of time” or “saved by the card reader” … and I’m glad you found the Mattress Forum!

Your research led you to a much better quality and value choice (and is one of the reasons for guideline #9 here) and as I mentioned in my reply to your other post … thanks for the feedback and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: