Pulse latex toppers from latexco & copper infused toppers from talalay global

Has anyone tried Pulse latex toppers from latexco and/ or copper infused talalay latex toppers from talalay global? How would you compare them to regular talalay latex toppers? Does the copper talalay sleep noticibely cooler? How is the pulse latex superior?

Hi Mr yabo.

There was a little chatter going on in this thread about the
Pulse toppers which are processed using Latexco’s patented SonoCore technology. The toppers come in 100% Natural and Blended (50% / 50%) and different finishes so the feel can vary. The latex is endogenously vulcanized by high-frequency radio waves instead of steam heating vulcanization & drying methods. This results in rubber with increased hysteresis and high tensile strength which translates in longevity.

I’ve not had yet direct experience with it so it may be worth reaching out to Ken at Arizona Premium for comparisons and to get his thoughts since he’s worked with both products before. I believe he has also offered copper-infused Talalay toppers in the past (and may still).

I’d also be interested in what people have experienced with these toppers, so hopefully, others will weigh in as well.


Thank you Phoenix :slight_smile: