Punting on my Cirrus Luxe

I purchased a Cirrus Luxe from Select Foam in July. I’ve tried several things and just can’t sleep on it. Peter, my sales rep has been great in working with me, but nothin is working. I guess some people are not able to adapt to memory foam. The firmness has left me with pain in places I’ve never had before. That said, I would still recommend Select Foam to friends, I think their products and service are good. But I need to get off the couch and back into a bed, so I’m thinking about a mattress from the Original Mattress Factory, an ORTHOPEDIC EUROTOP…do you know anything about this item? I would welcome your input/feedback.



Hi Millenor,

I’m sorry to hear your Select Foam mattress didn’t work out for you but I’m glad that you had the foresight to choose a mattress that has a great return policy.

Original Mattress Factory is a regional manufacturer that tends to use better quality materials in each budget range and is transparent about the materials they use in their mattresses.

In the areas where they have a retail store they tend to be among the better quality/value options in the area but of course with any mattress it’s important to make sure that you know the specifics of every layer in the mattress before you make a purchase so you can identify any potential weak links in the mattress and make meaningful comparisons to other mattresses.

If you find out the specifics of each layer (including the thickness and foam density) and post them on the forum I’d be happy to make some comments about it.