Purchased Spindle Mattress Abscond (10" Latex Mattress)

Hey Pheonix,

Thank you for all this information available for purchasing mattresses! We put in my order for a 10" latex mattress from Spindle Mattress, and we’re looking forward to good night’s rest. Neal was very patient with all my questions, and I’ll post a full review after we try out the mattress.


Hi danl,

I think you made a great choice and Neal has had a lot of compliments on his patience and willingness to answer questions.

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you receive it … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:


What configuration did you choose?

All-natural queen in medium (medium/medium/firm) with split layering. I’m a side sleeper, and my girlfriend is a stomach sleeper. Neal recommended the medium as a compromise since I prefer soft beds, and she prefers firm.

If it doesn’t work out, I’ll try rearranging my side with all mediums and her side with a medium/firm/firm. Last resort, I can purchase a soft or firm layer for $150 for any final adjustments.


I am also considering the all natural 10" latex mattress from spindle. Did the split layering cost extra? I look forward to your review…Can you feel the split layering when lying in the middle of the bed?


Hi MAsleeper,

I’m not danl of course but there is some generic information about split layering in post #2 here. It very unlikely that you would feel the split itself with any latex mattress with a quilted cover similar to the cover used in the Spindle mattress although of course you will be able to feel the transition in firmness between the sides.

Hopefully danl will add his comments that are more specific to the Spindle mattress.