Pure Bliss Floor Model - is it a deal?

Thank you for your wonderful forum! I’ve learned so much I am scaring the guys at the mattress store :slight_smile:
The local mattress store is offering a floor model king size Nature for $2500. Comfort is great for us. Is this a good deal?

Hi Jaqfrst,

That’s funny … and also good to hear :slight_smile:

That would depend on what you were comparing it to and what was important to you in terms of your “value equation” (along the lines of post #2 here which outlines some of the the many parts of a mattress purchase that may be more or less important to you and have “value” besides just the price of the mattress itself). It would also depend on what else was included in the purchase (such as foundation, delivery, setup, extras, loss of warranty on a floor model, ability to exchange, and the ability of the dealer to help you make good choices). All of these and more are part of the purchase price and the “value” of a mattress. A “deal” is only as good as the tradeoffs it may involve, what it includes (or doesn’t) and what else you are comparing it to.

Compared to the suggested retail price of a PLB (here for example) … it is certainly a better price but it’s “value” would depend on how you felt about sleeping on a “used” floor model and on how you felt about any benefits you were losing by buying a floor model.

Compared to many major manufacturers that use lower quality materials that would sell for a similar or higher amount locally … then probably.

Compared to other “new” mattresses that use similar quality and quantity of materials offered by some local manufacturers … not particularly.

Compared to something like the “deal” that was mentioned in post #47 here (on the higher end Beautiful) … then not particularly either.

You could probably find the same or better value on a similar “new” latex mattress (depending on your area and on the type of purchase you were comfortable with) … but the other parts of your “value equation” may also be an important part of the “deal” for you in which case they would need to be included in the “value” of your purchase.

I can tell you that there is still a significant “markup” on the mattress over it’s wholesale cost (for the set) in the range of 75% plus (excluding any taxes or delivery charges that are included in your quoted price).


Thanks for your speedy response. They said it would include the warranty, delivery & set up and the foundation–but–the warranty would only be for the time left on the ‘law tag’ which would be about 18 1/2 years–so that means it’s been used for a year and half! They are a PBL dealer. Your comment about believing the story really hit home, because how do I know that’s the story?
So now I am back to the search…I did take my husband over there to test drive the bed so he has a feel for latex. He’s ok with what ever I choose. I am the one with the shoulder and neck pain.
We did check out Fox Mattress in Holly Hill. They are about an hour 15 from us. Seems to be good quality, but they are a bit out of our price range for the latex. They do make them two sided which is a big plus.

Hi Jaqfrst,

Pure Latex Bliss has changed their design (they now use Active Fusion fast response latex on the top and the 1" ultra firm base layer has now been replaced with an extra inch of latex in the comfort layers over the 6" core) so they may be selling off the old models so they can carry the new ones. In any case … if you are looking at this … I would probably tell them that you are able to buy a mattress with similar latex content and quality for less (you can browse the websites of the list of online manufacturers which are members of the site in post #21 here) and see if they will come down a little more if this mattress is particularly compelling to you.

The mattresses at Fox are very good quality and value and as you mention a two sided construction is a “durability bonus” … even with latex … but is also more costly in terms of materials and construction so you can pay more at first even if over the long term it would be better value. It would also be important to make sure that the type of latex you were comparing was the same or at least similar “value” and that the other materials and components (such as different covers and quilting layers) were taken into account as well.

I’m not sure where exactly you are but if it is near the Orlando area there are some other latex options in post #2 here which you can use as a reference or for comparison.

Hope this helps.


These are closeouts and the new replacement is right there beside them. They’ve come down to $2200. We are considering…
We can drive down to Orlando to OMF and check out theirs for about the same price–but then delivery is additional and no exchange presents a problem. I’m a wimpy risk taker.
My next option is Sleepez. I suppose a flight to AZ to check out a mattress affects my bottom line :slight_smile:

Hi jaqfrst,

At least they are coming down :slight_smile:

$2200 for a 10" talalay latex mattress “set” is certainly a reasonable price if it was new but of course the “floor model” issue reduces it’s value a little more. Having a floor model won’t really affect the quality/durability of the latex a lot (latex is very durable) but like buying a car … once you’ve used it as a demo or driven it off the lot it’s worth much less. I’m sure they may be just as happy to sell it with new models waiting as you may be to buy it at the best possible price.

Part of this also depends on how you feel about a mattress that isn’t quite new and the importance to you of a local purchase that you have specifically tested. As you mentioned you are now in the range (a little less) of the OMF King Size which is good. There are also a couple of other options which may be worth considering or a phone call before making a decision (depending on where you are) such as Denver mattress Snowmass ($1699 for the king set) and Orlando mattress (not sure of prices or the exact details of their latex mattresses but they are good people) but you are at least in the range of better local value and you would be choosing between “good and good”.

I think this would add just a “tiny” bit to the cost of the mattress yes :).

Once you have considered your other two options … then it’s just a matter of considering the tradeoffs involved with each and deciding which one would be “best for you” and best fits your “value equation”.