Pure Bliss Floor Model - is it a deal?

Hi Jaqfrst,

Pure Latex Bliss has changed their design (they now use Active Fusion fast response latex on the top and the 1" ultra firm base layer has now been replaced with an extra inch of latex in the comfort layers over the 6" core) so they may be selling off the old models so they can carry the new ones. In any case … if you are looking at this … I would probably tell them that you are able to buy a mattress with similar latex content and quality for less (you can browse the websites of the list of online manufacturers which are members of the site in post #21 here) and see if they will come down a little more if this mattress is particularly compelling to you.

The mattresses at Fox are very good quality and value and as you mention a two sided construction is a “durability bonus” … even with latex … but is also more costly in terms of materials and construction so you can pay more at first even if over the long term it would be better value. It would also be important to make sure that the type of latex you were comparing was the same or at least similar “value” and that the other materials and components (such as different covers and quilting layers) were taken into account as well.

I’m not sure where exactly you are but if it is near the Orlando area there are some other latex options in post #2 here which you can use as a reference or for comparison.

Hope this helps.