Pure Green latex mattress

Was wondering if anyone has any experience with Pure Green organic latex mattress? Considering ordering one to replace husband’s waterbed. He is looking at medium firmness. Company seems to be named SleeponLatex altho I thought it was Pure Green for some reason.

Hi Clawdia.

The Pure Green mattress is an organic latex model under the Sleep on Latex brand :slight_smile:

They list on the site that you can choose medium or firm as an option. I am mostly responding here to bump your post in the event others have in-person experience with this same mattress and can give you their experience (and, if they do, hopefully they share their sleep stats/weight, etc to give you the most relevant context possible).


Hi, I don’t have any experience with this mattress but Consumer Reports evaluated it and recommends it with a score of “80” here is what they said:

This mattress performed excellent for all back sleepers and very good for all side sleepers. In our durability test this mattress performed excellently showing no noticeable changes in performance. This mattress proved to be very stable and limited the amount of vibration felt.
CR’s Take
This bed-in-a-box delivers top performance at a reasonable price. Back sleepers can expect Excellent support, and side sleepers shouldn’t be disappointed either. The green materials—natural latex foam and organic cotton and wool—hold up well in durability testing. The mattress tends to trap body heat, making the sleeper feel warmer. And with a score of 7 out of 10 in CR’s firmness test, the “firm” in the name is spot-on.

Hi Clawdia,

I purchased a medium latex mattress from Sleep on Latex. I was only able to test it out for 2 weeks and then returned it. I’m 5’2" and weigh 100lbs and am a side sleeper. I experienced neck and shoulder pain from the first night and it never got better. I tried 6 different pillows and had the same result. I feel it was just too firm for me. The company was wonderful to work with and the return was fast and easy. I opted to donate it and then they refunded the money. The mattress itself was delivered in perfect condition, just not for me. Hope this helps some!

Husband has same problem with his Sleep on Latex bed - medium seems hard as a rock. I think a 3" Talalay topper would help so I’m looking for suggestions as to where to find the “right” one. I sleep on a 14 ILD topper because my Dunlop mattress I bought several years ago is too firm for me, but he is 6’ and 220, a side sleeper, and I’m wondering if a 14 ILD topper would be too soft for him and we should go up just a little.

Would like a topper with a cover - suggestions, please?

Problem solved! We decided a 19 ILD Talalay topper might be the solution to the “hard as a rock” problem and bought a 3" one from Luma after speaking with them. Husband couldn’t be happier with the combination of the Sleep on Latex medium with the 19 ILD topper, and although he groused a bit about the price, that pretty much ended after he slept on it for one night. He is quite happy with it. We thought the Sleep on Latex medium mattress was well made and he liked it except for the medium being way closer to firm than any medium we’d ever felt, so although this combination did end up costing a bit more than originally anticipated, a comfortable place to sleep is worth a bit of money when it’s feasible. Glad to report a happy ending to this tale!