pure latex bliss, are they a scam?

Hi, I m new to this site and trying to post a message. I purchased a mattres called a pure latex bliss several years ago and it is splitting right down the middle. When the company came and checked the mattress out the guy told me that this happens on occassion when the mattress split between two halves. I was then sent a letter stating that it was my fault and its not covered under the warranty. This is crazy as i have done nothing with the mattress but use it for its intended purpose. Is this company a scam. Does any one know if there is a class action suit with this company for failure to honor their warranty.

Hi rdstanz,

Pure Latex Bliss is a legit company and not a short term get-in-rip-people-off-disappear kind of business. I believe they’re owned by Latex International, who is one of only two primary vendors that make talalay latex, which itself is a high quality material.

I don’t know anything about the warranty process or terms and conditions they apply, but warranties in the entire mattress industry are pretty sketchy at best. That said, your situation is different than many since a commonly denied warranty claim is about foam softening or body impressions. Is it the foam tearing in half, or the mattress cover holding it all what’s tearing?

On the ‘bright’ side, once/if you get past the insult of the situation, and if you cannot motivate PLB to do something with the warranty, the latex inside the mattress is probably still good and the situation is probably semi easy and not overly expensive to solve. Definitely a pain.

Hi rdstanz,

I would echo dn’s comments about PLB and they certainly aren’t a “scam”. As he mentioned they are owned by Latex International who makes much of the Talalay latex used in mattresses in North America.

I’m not exactly clear on what is happening to your mattress … could you post a picture? Is one of the layers inside your mattress splitting apart. Is the split a straight line from the top to the bottom of the mattress. It’s possible that a glue seam is delaminating (which would normally be a warranty issue).

PLB is usually very responsive to their customer’s concerns so it would be unusual that they are unfair when customers have complaints. Have you talked with them directly or have you been dealing with the retailer?

You can see the specifics of the PLB warranty here including the conditions and exclusions.

It would also be helpful if you could post a copy of the letter you received which hopefully outlined the reasons your warranty claim was rejected. Did they give you a specific reason why they considered it to be “your fault”?


Thank you for your responses. The mattress is splitting down the middle in a stright crack that is half way between the head board and the end of the bed. It is about 15 inches and growing. There is also a smaller split off to the right. After their inspector came out, I was sent a letter saying it is not covered under warranty because of " CA= customer abuse". For the life of me, I have no idea what I could have done, and the letter denying my claim of a defect doesn’t say anything else. I am going to the retailer to talk to them then to the better business bureau. If I have to I will sue them.

That sounds like a real bummer. I’d be wanting to know exactly what kind of abuse they’re accusing you of, for one thing.

I don’t know that the BBB has ever really done many people all that much good. Now, lawyering up has cost me some of the best money I’ve ever spent - but it comes down to risk/reward, just like most other things. By the time you pay a lawyer, would you really be any better off financially?

I know one thing - I’d be so angry at this point if I were you that I’d be having trouble stringing words together. I can’t imagine a high priced (and theoretically high quality) mattress falling apart in the way you describe - but I can imagine how it would make me feel. It’s a classic example of “blame the victim”, and few things make me more angry than that tactic. I’ve been regretting for months that I chose a cheaper alternative than their Beautiful model, but your experience has made me wonder if I really am all that sorry I didn’t buy one.

I hope you can arrive at some resolution to this problem.

Hi rdstanz,

Have you talked with Pure Latex Bliss? While I don’t know the circumstances of your situation … in my experience they have been quite responsive to their customer’s issues and it may be well worth a phone call.

Could you post a picture on the forum that shows the crack?


Such is life…in the digital age! You have a legitimate complaint - he inspected the crack and said you did it!!!
You should post it here so we might be able to see why he feels this way.

well purlatex bliss ( aka the scammers) have not decided yet if they will give me the report about my mattress or not. What they have said is that all though it is splitting right down the middle that a stain on a part of the mattress that is no where near the split has voided my warranty. This sounds like a complete bunch of crap. I am going to sue them I bet they do this to a lot of people. I would urge anyone not to buy a pure latex bliss mattress they do not stand by their product.

Hi rdstanz,

It’s a common source of consumer frustration but unfortunately almost every mattress manufacturer in the industry has the same warranty exclusion where any stain on a mattress or anything that they consider to be an unsanitary condition will invalidate the warranty. It’s one of the reasons that a good mattress protector is so important.

I know it’s frustrating but it’s a “standard” warranty condition throughout the entire industry not just Pure Latex Bliss.

I would think that your best chance of finding some resolution (which may not be possible at all) is if you talk with them without “threat” and see if they may be willing to make an exception or help you in some way but this would depend on the specific circumstances and your approach because if there is a stain on your mattress they are acting within the terms of their purchase agreement with you (which includes the warranty criteria).