Pure latex Bliss mattresses in dallas-ft worth

Are there any stores or places that sell and keep Pure latex Bliss mattresses in dallas-ft worth metroplex?
I am a side sleeper weighing about 210 pounds and with low back pain, height about 6 feet 2 inches. which model of pure latex bliss would be suitable for me? Thanks.

Hi richardb,

Pure Latex bliss has a retail outlet finder on their site here and if you input your zip code it will give you the retail outlets that are closest to you.

I think your own personal testing would likely be much more accurate than “theory at a distance” based on specs because your experiences and perceptions on various mattresses are different from the “norm” but based on your higher weight and low back pain, I would probably avoid the thicker models with thicker layers of softer latex in the upper layers of the mattress. In “theory” this will help keep you closer to the support layers for better alignment but of course your own careful testing is the most accurate way to know for sure. The specs of the different models of their “natural” line is here. They also have a 2" and 3" very soft latex topper which you can add to the firmest models to take a more modular approach to a mattress which may be worth testing.

There are also some excellent local manufacturers in the area who also build latex mattress along with other types as well and they may also be well worth including in your research. They are listed in post #2 here.