Pure Latex Bliss Pamper deal $$$ (Florida)

A store in Tampa has there PLB beds on sale. The queen Pamper (Natural), box spring and delivery included for $1,299. That price is the best I’ve seen, by far, after scouring the web. They also have the PLB Nature, Queen for $1,899.

What are you guys’ thoughts on that value?

In my search, I’m down to either this PLB Pamper or a 2 sided, quilted, all Latex (literally one piece of 6" - 7" Talalay) with a high quality cover and stitching that includes a box spring for $1,700.

info on the all latex -https://forum.mattressunderground.com/t/central-fl-new-mattress


Just sent you a PM regarding this mattress/better deal.

Hi hickoryboy,

IMO that’s very good value for both the Pamper and the Nature mattress sets. Their “regular” prices are much higher. Are these the “old” PLB models or the new “active fusion” model lineup?

It seems that you prefer firmer mattresses based on your preferences of the Pamper and the two sided latex mattress and you are certainly down to choices between “good and good”

I hope you let us know which way you end up deciding.


these are the new line with Active Fusion

I think Phoenix had me mixed up with you.

Where you able to investigate the information I sent you?


I just checked out the 2013 pure latex bliss active fusion nature. Could anyone confirm that $2,699 is the retail price for one of these? I’m working out a to pay much less, but I just want to make sure that is the actually retail price.

The model I’mlooking has 6 inches of firm base, 2in of medium, and 2in of soft.

Hi mgiorgianni,

$2699 is what is called the MAP which means “minimum advertised price” for the set which is the minimum amount that PLB allows their retailers to advertise the product. For mattress only it’s $2469 (both are for queen).

Of course the old models are sold for less and the actual selling price will depend on the retailer. Since it’s a new model it may be more difficult to find a reduced price than the old models which are often selling at a substantial discount.


I’m going to call the store back today and verify that what is on sale for $1,300 is the Pamper and not the Mezzanine. In a conversation I had with one of the sales guys, the name Mezzanine came up briefly. But when I was in the store and laid down on the mattress, I was told repeatedly that the Pamper was on sale for that price.

Apparently the Mezzanine is part of the Hybrid 3.0 line and one of the Slow Response models. I’m trying to educate myself on the Hybrid 3.0, but can’t quite get a good definition for what the support material is, or even the comfort material either.

Can you help me find the difference in the Natural Pamper and the Hybrid 3.0, Slow Response Mezzanine?

As always, thanks.

Hi hickoryboy,

The “old” version of the Pamper from top to bottom is as follows:

1" 19 ILD latex on top

6" 40 ILD latex

1" ultra firm latex on the bottom

The “new” version of the Pamper is as follows:

2" Talalay GL fast response on top (I’m guessing 21 ILD and they call this Active Fusion fast response)

6" of Talalay latex (I’m guessing this would also be 40 ILD)

The Mezzanine is as follows:

1" Talalay GL slow response (I’m guessing this would be 21 ILD and they call this Active Fusion slow response)

8" Bonded Foam/Latex (They don’t say how much latex and how much polyfoam they use in this layer but I would guess there is more polyfoam than latex and I would also guess that the latex is their synthetic Dunlop continuous pour process like they used to use in their old latex lite models)

Hope this helps.


There was definitely a mix up. The bed that was ordered was the Mezzanine. When I went in the store and talked to the guy and even when I called back, all the talk was about the Pamper. I was even told it was the new line, with Active Fusion. But when it got down to brass tacks, some how the Mezzanine was ordered. I was told by at least 2 people at the store that the Mezzanine was the “new” Pamper. That it had the new technology in it and they changed the name to the Mezzanine. I knew this was wrong and continue my conversation with them and they said they would clarify with PLB. I got a call back on Monday and they said that I had, in fact, agreed to buy the Pamper and they would give me a choice of the old or new Pamper. I just called back and told them I wanted the new Pamper. They are not giving me the 30 day comfort guarantee/exchange due to this is “outside” of their line they would normally sell.

I don’t think they were intentionally deceiving me, I think that some of their staff didn’t know enough about the PLB lineup of beds. I do think they made it right by allowing me to go ahead with the order of what I thought I was buying in the first place - the new PLB Pamper.

Should be in store in about 2 weeks, where I will pick it up and take home.

Hi hickoryboy,

Your story really highlights the importance of knowing the layering and on doing some research into what you are buying.

I am constantly amazed at how “misinformed” so many retailers in the industry are (and as you mentioned this isn’t necessarily intentional) and how it can take a consumer asking more pointed questions to really find this out.

You did very well to ask the questions you did to make sure you were getting what you paid for and to keep going until you were satisfied. In this case you helped the retailer to know more about what they were selling.

The Pamper is a very good option with a firm base layer and a thinner top layer … all latex … for doing some fine tuning with additional layers if it becomes necessary. It’s also very good value for a queen size with 6" of talalay with two inches of Active fusion Talalay on top (much less than the regular retail price).

Way to go :slight_smile: