Pure latex bliss

Im going this week to look at these mattress, is there any certain one for side sleeper that i need to pay more attention to.They have 7 models on floor. Im confuse on how a mattress topper is used do you buy it separate and is it more for existing mattress, also Phoenix we went bed shopping this weekend and i was surprise at the lack of knowledge that most salemen have, that to forum for my knowledge. Im found pure latex bliss the only latex within a hr drive. thanks forum

Hi ronco,

I wouldn’t begin your testing with any preconceived ideas because each person can be very different and your own careful and objective testing is the best way to tell which mattress is best for you. In general though side sleepers will tend to prefer a mattress with thicker and/or softer comfort layers which can provide better pressure relief for the pressure points that go with side sleeping (typically hips and shoulders) than back or stomach sleepers which have a flatter sleeping profile and don’t normally need the same degree of thickness and softness in the comfort layers to relieve pressure points.

If you can test a specific topper in a store in combination with a specific mattress then it would just be part of a complete sleeping system and you would choose the combination that was best for you based on your testing just like you would choose a mattress that didn’t have a topper. A topper is similar to the same layer inside the mattress cover but it can act a little more independently and will often feel a little softer than the same layer or material inside the mattress. A topper also has the advantage of being replaceable so if the top layer in a sleeping system softens or breaks down faster than the deeper layers (which is likely whether they are inside or outside the cover because the top layers are more subject to wear and tear than the deeper layers) they can be replaced without having to replace the entire mattress.

A topper can also be added to a mattress as a way to fine tune the mattress after a purchase if in spite of your “best efforts” you end up choosing a mattress that turns out to be too firm for you and you need some extra softness or pressure relief but this would be a “fall back” option because choosing a topper that is a good match for you on a specific mattress that you can’t test in person ahead of time can be almost as difficult as choosing a mattress in the first place. I wouldn’t choose a mattress with the intention of adding a topper that you can’t test in person even though it can be a good option if you end up needing it.

It’s unfortunate but true that most consumers that spend an hour or two reading on the forum and the site will probably know more meaningful information than the majority of the salespeople in the mainstream industry … which I think is somewhat sad.


thank again for input…I think I can sell mattress now…lol