Pure LatexBliss Harmony--Where to Get IL ratings? Should I worry about this or just decide from Feel

Deciding between putting a PLB topper (2 or 3") over a 13 yr old Classic Temperpedic that’s way too firm or a new PLB Harmony mattress with 3" talalay comfort & 6" rebond support. Any downsides I should be aware of with the topper plan? The Temper is completely flat & appears in great shape. I have extensive ache/soreness throughout my entire back when lying back in a recliner and it will begin to ache after awhile on my back in bed & must turn to sides. Shoulders can start to ache in my Temper on my side. You talk alot about ILDs. Should I be concerned about them? My retailer didn’t have ILD info nor is it offered on the PLB website. Also, I see a Harmony model on the floor of my retailer but it’s discontinued on the PLB site. If this is an old model, should I expect a price reduction from the $2200/set I see on Amazon? Where would you guess my retailer will get it if they can’t get it from PLB? My retailer is very reputable, 37 years in town. They manufacture a line too in Bend OR. I’m trying to get them to join your membership. Phoenix–I just don’t know how you do all this? Thanks much!

Hi julieward,

I would keep in mind that any topper used over memory foam will reduce the amount of heat that reaches the memory foam and either slow down or reduce the softening of the memory foam underneath the topper. This means that you will have both a softening effect (from the topper) and a firming effect (from the reduction of the heat that reaches the memory foam) that will combine together in your final result and how the combination feels and performs. It’s always a good idea if at all possible to test a specific mattress / topper combination (or something very similar) in person so you have a reference point for how they will feel together.

ILD / IFD with memory foam is not particular meaningful because it changes with temperature, humidity, and the length of time the memory foam is compressed. With local testing of a specific mattress / topper combination then ILD is also not important because your body will tell you how well the combination works for you although it’s still important to know the type and quality/durability of the material. If you are ordering online then knowing the specific ILD of a topper you test may be more important so you can order a topper that is as close as possible to the thickness and softness of the topper you tested that you know works best for you.

PLB has several different versions of their topper in both 2" and 3" thicknesses. The Active Fusion fast response toppers are 15 ILD. The blended talalay topper is 14 ILD. The N1 100% natural Talalay topper is in the mid - upper teens (they don’t have a specific ILD rating).

If you are buying a floor model then yes I would expect a discount because it’s a “used” mattress and generally wouldn’t have a warranty. If it’s in stock then it would depend entirely on the retailer and on how much or how quickly they wanted to sell their stock. You can read more about “negotiating” prices in post #6 here but each retailer would have different circumstances. It never hurts to ask. I’m not sure if they are actually discontinued or just aren’t on their site.

If your retailer is an authorized dealer for PLB then that would be where they are buying it from.

Thanks for the help :).

I would also keep in mind though that the membership here is by invitation only and that not all retailers or manufacturers that may want to join would qualify for membership or be invited (and not all that I would be happy to invite may want to become members). Having said that … I’m always happy to talk about membership to find out if they fit the profile and criteria I use and that they are as comfortable with me as I am with them. Membership is usually a “side effect” of ongoing conversations to one degree or another.