Pure talalay bliss

My husband and I just checked out the Pure Talalay Bliss line of latex beds. With my back issues I’d like to stay with something a little more firm but also keep the comfort level. We are both side sleepers and want our shoulders and hips to have the ability and comfort of a little sinking in but also the support that’s needed. We thought the Nutrition style would suit our needs. I’ve tried looking up reviews of this one but most people seem to go for the Beautiful which we thought was soft but many say it is still supportive. I don’t want to have to add a topper later on because of expense.
I am also concerned about the care of this bed. Our kids bought a different bed brand of latex that contained many different layers including memory foam all glued together. They ended up with impressions in the bed and were told to stand their bed upright and “shake it into place” every once in a while. My thinking is that the memory foam was the problem and created divots in the bed. I don’t want to have to maintain a bed by having to move it around weekly or monthly. If I invest in another expensive bed i want it to be almost maintenance free and to stand up to its description and to be from a reputable company. I’ve read that Pure Bliss has had some kind of trouble in the past and wonder what their status is now. Please help!

Having been a former PLB retailer I can point out the positives and negatives of their design. The Nutrition does sound like a good choice for your particular needs. Here at our factory we use the exact same latex as PLB so I can vouch for the quality of the product. The negative is that all the layers (3) are glued together so you do not have the ability to change out the layers if the firmness is not working for you. By having a zippered cover and the layers not glued together will give you more options to tweak the feel if it’s not right which is why we had a hard time selling PLB in our showroom when compared to our own versions. Other than that I’m not aware of any issues with the company (Talalay Global) and in fact I find their latex to be outstanding quality as of the last few years.

I can tell you that memory foam does have real issues when it comes to durability and I have no doubt this was the cause of the dipping in the other mattress you mentioned.