Quantum pocketed coil spring unit

Ran across a mattress that had “Quantum pocketed coil spring unit”. Looked like the coils covered the whole mattress, not just the edges. I wonder if these are microcoils. They are supposed to provide superior pressure point relief.

Hi Greg,

We’d be happy to take a look. Could you share more about them - maybe which mattress? Is there something specific you’d like to know about these coils and their function?


I bought the mattress with these coils in them. They are each 1 1/2" in diameter but 8" long, tempered steel, 15 gauge. They are the only pocketed coils in the mattress. They look like microcoils but microcoils are very short in comparison. However, they behave in the same way.


“Quantum pocketed coil spring unit” generally describes a full pocketed coil spring support unit which would be used as the base support section in a hybrid mattress. These spring units are narrower in diameter than conventional innersprings and are designed to provide better conformance to the body as well as motion isolation. Microcoils are much shorter in height and made of thinner wire, and they’re used as a foam alternative comfort layer. Microcoils are sometimes advertised as providing additional support but that’s not really their primary function. The 8" high pocketed coils you’ve described are typically support coils.

  • Bill

Thank you for your reply I found that out between the time I inquired and your replied. I bought a mattress like that and think I will be very happy with it.