(Queen Beautyrest World class) mattress is smaller than standard queen size

Hello All,

I bought my Queen Beautyrest World class mattress from Mattress Firm. When I put if on my bed base, I found that my queen mattress is smaller than it supposed to be (60" × 79.5"). It is 2 inch shorter in length and 1 inch shorter in width. This bothers me a lot as the mattress moves on my bed base when I get on or off bed. I also noticed that the mattress edge at top left corner is not straight if you see the first picture below.

Is this normal for mattress? Who should I complain to ? Mattress firm or Beautyrest (Simmons)?

Thank you !


Hi blusyhfang,

Mattresses will normally have some sizing variances and may not be exactly rectangular because they are made with soft materials but you can see the Simmons “standard” sizing and size tolerance by clicking on the "Standard Sizes—Do Beautyrest mattresses come in standard sizes? here (second from the bottom).

Their standard sizing variance is +/- 1/2" so if you have measured your mattress correctly (from seam to seam on the binding tape at the center line of the width and length) and not just compared it to the size of your bedframe (which may have a different size) and it’s outside of the variance that they listed then it would be out of spec and you would need to contact Mattress Firm to have it replaced with a mattress that is the correct dimensions.


Hi Phoenix,

Thank you for the reply! Yeah, I measured the mattress size using a measuring tape. I also measured the bed frame and it turned out to be in correct inner size around (80.5’ x 60.5’). I put the my roommate’s queen mattress to my bed frame and it fits pretty well.

I have talked with the saleman from Mattress Firm and he tried to get away by telling me this is absolutely normal. But from the official Beautyrest tolerance, it is obviously not normal.


Hi bluesyhfang,

I would agree that based on Simmons own guidelines that your mattress is outside of the dimensional range that would be considered to be normal.


I just bought a queen mattress from Mattress Firm and it seems obvious that it’s much smaller than my previous queen mattress… Mattress is a sleepez?? Queen… listed as 59 inches by 79 inches but is way smaller than my queen bed frame by almost 5 inches. Store says they sold me a queen mattress if I want a refund will be the standard restock fee and extra $500 because had a “free” promotional item that can’t be returned but they take the cost out for that if mattress is returned… Seems to me, mattress firm is selling shorted mattresses and calling them queen size and buyers stand to lose a lot $ if attempt is made to return… I’m going to talk to my lawyer.

I just looked at the return policy on Mattress Firm’s website and it’s a bit ambiguous from my perspective. In one place it states: “100% happy or your money back!” with no qualifications, but elsewhere they say that a return is subject to “a return delivery fee of $79.99 ($99.99 in select markets) plus a restocking fee equal to 10% of your original mattress purchase price (not to exceed $250).” and also that many accessories are not eligible for return. Might be a good idea to run the details of your situation by your lawyer if you can get a free consultation, but taking legal action for such claims is often more costly than the damages you may potentially recover. I hope that you’re able to come to a satisfactory resolution, and individual cases can vary widely on their merits.

Hello rdavis1980,

What seems to be missing here is that you purchased a regular queen size mattress, but were delivered different size mattress (Note: You are not specifying which size is “smaller”. but based on what you describe, the mattress seems to be a special order “short queen” perhaps a 60" width but only a 75" length (like the length of a Twin or Full Mattress). Either way mattress dimensions are facts, not opinions and a mattress product made outside of its dimensional specifications should be covered by a warranty claim or considered “defective” and should be replaced immediately and at no cost. This does not apply to the “policy” for Free returns (regardless of its hidden costs) or in your case extra costs!

You may need to demonstrate the problem to someone at MF who has the authority and common sense to do the right thing. I would start with the retail mattress salesperson but they get stuck in losing his/her commission and spiff, then you’d need to reach to the next person in the chain. Pictures are worth their weight in gold when it comes to defining and demonstrating an issue such as a mattress that is wrong or dimensionally defective. I would think a few pictures sent to the MF store should be a good way to start the process and get the correct size mattress. If not, taking the issue up to MF management and if needed, the mattress manufacturer directly is much more likely to yield results than involving attorneys. You have a small claims matter, not one worth paying legal fees. If all else fails … you can always remind them that your photos and stories can reach social media channels and the internet… :wink: