queen sized natural rubber latex bed

Hi all,

I’m looking for a 100% natural rubber latex bed. I don’t want any synthetics used in the production of the mattress: latex, fabric, and quilting material including the covers.

What’s the minimum I’m going to need to budget? I believe I’ve seen roughly $1,400 for mattresses that meet the requirements.

It depends on several factors. I have recently purchased what you are looking for and you could spend anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500+ for a queen size. The following is what I have found to influence price:

  1. Type of 100% natural latex(no synthetics). Dunlop or talalay or combination thereof.
  2. Thickness and number of layers.
  3. Density or firmness of layers chosen.
  4. Internet, retail outlet, local factory or other purchase.
  5. Single-sided or two-sided.
  6. Cover and cover quality. Included in purchase or not.
  7. Shipping - included or not.
  8. Taxes

Hi audiohead,

I would agree with Dankg’s comments (thank you :)) and of course it would also depend on the size (the prices would be a good range for queen as dankg mentioned)

Of course there are also latex mattresses available that are also significantly higher than this range that some people would also consider that would depend on the specifics of the materials and design of the mattress and on each person’s personal value equation.


Thanks for the feedback. I did followed up based on what you guys said, here’s what I found…

PlushBeds appears to be the only company that offers a 6" core. I prefer a firm mattress. I built my own mattress foundation. I’m wondering, if I save the money will this mattress provide longevity and firmness? What am I sacrificing by not getting 2" or 3" more.

For an extra $100 I can get the Spindle Abscond - 10" Latex Mattress. Latex Mattress - Spindle. The only requirement it’s not meeting is their use of rayon batting: “Rayon batting acts as a natural flame retardant”

If the consensus is that I should spend $400 more, I’ll go into more detail with theoptions in the $1650-$2000 range.

Hi audiohead,

There are many companies that offer a 6" latex mattress (or a 6" core) both locally and online. The Tutorial post here includes a link to some of the members here that make a range of latex mattresses including several that are 6" thick or have a 6" core that provide the option of using different types of latex or different configurations that you can choose based on your budget or on your firmness/softness needs and preferences (although it appears that you may have read this and found most of them already).

A 6" latex mattress (or any thickness) will certainly be durable because latex is generally the most durable foam category (memory foam, polyfoam, or latex foam).

In terms of firmness this would depend on whether you are talking about the surface firmness, pressure relief firmness, support firmness or overall “feel” of firmness (see post #15 here about the different types of firmness). The type of latex, the thickness of each layer along with the thickness of the mattress itself, and the type and ILD of the latex along with your own body type, sleeping positions, and preferences and sensitivities will all play a role in how firm a mattress feels for you. You can read a little more in post #14 here about how thicker layers or a thicker mattress can affect the feel and performance of a mattress.

In general the two ways to choose the design of a mattress that is best for you is either your own careful and objective personal testing on local mattresses or a more detailed conversation on the phone with online manufacturers that includes as much information as possible about you and your local testing so that they can help you choose a mattress that has the best chance of success based on “averages”.

This would depend entirely on your own personal value equation and on all the objective, subjective, and intangible factors that are most important to you. I certainly wouldn’t use “consensus” as a way to choose a mattress because only you can know the specifics of what is best for you and consensus opinions don’t take individual criteria or preferences into account. I would talk in more detail with each manufacturer you are seriously considering (they will know more about their mattresses than any consensus opinion) and spend “enough” to make sure your mattress purchase includes the materials, features, and options (before, with, and after a purchase) that you prefer and can comfortably afford not so much that you are including features or options that are less important to you when you are making your final choice between “good and good”.

You certainly have many options listed in your list (it reminds me of the research I did as well when I had way to many “final choices”) but the good news is that none of them include any obvious weak links in the mattress although there are many different designs and all your choices aren’t apples to apples comparisons in terms of materials, design, features, and options. I would use your local testing for PPP on different latex mattresses as reference points to help you narrow them down.


Thanks for the follow-up. For the last seven years have been sleeping using a mattress pad on a wooden floor. I’ve never had an back problems. Wit that said, I’m probably fine with a 6" core versus a larger core? I weigh 150 lbs and am 6’ tall. Based on what you said in one of the threads, I don’t think I’ll need a larger core.

That’s likely, a firm surface, I’m not sure what it would be in regard to pressure relief firmness, support firmness. But I’ve got to imagine it’s pretty firm? I’m just trying to get a sense of how to compare to the options I’m reading about online. (I won’t be able to travel to a store to try them out.)

I sleep on my back or side.

I’m beginning to get comfortable with the PlushBeds (since it’s green, no rayon barrier like the spindle mattress has) and it’s inexpensive. Based on what I’m saying, am I being logically consistent in strongly considering it :wink:

Hi audiohead,

You are very unlikely to bottom out on 6" of latex but it may be firmer than you prefer (depending on your preferences, the type and firmness of the latex, your sleeping positions, and on the type of cover and quilting you use).

When you are purchasing a mattress online then the ability to re-arrange or exchange the layers or return the mattress if it’s not suitable for you would be an important part of each person’s personal value equation so that you can replace local testing with your own sleeping experience without undue risk. In most cases each manufacturer will have the best suggestions about how any of the mattresses they offer will suit certain body types and preferences “on average” and they are the best source of information about their mattresses.

I’m not sure which specific mattress you are looking at but if it’s their 6" Natural Bliss latex mattress then it also uses a viscose or “rayon like” fire barrier. I would also make some careful “apples to apples” comparisons in terms of the materials in the mattress and the options you would have available before and after a purchase in terms of design and layering. There are also some 6" latex mattresses that are multi layered or use wool as the fire barrier instead of a viscose/silica version that in spite of using similar or more costly materials in the mattress and cover or having a more flexible design are in a lower budget range.


I went through the vendors posted on your site (that was the spreadsheet) that I posted. Where are some other vendors (online) that have options I should consider? The others are all 8", 9", 10" from the links you provided.

I’m going to give mattresses.net a try. Let me know if you think I shouldn’t!

Mattresses.net is great option they have an 8 inch organic queen for around 1600-1700. They are a member of the site which means Phonex thinks highly of them

Hi audiohead,

You’ve probably seen this but post #21 here has a list of the members here that sell mattresses online and includes many that sell latex mattresses. They have a wide range of different designs and options available but all of them would make good choices and be well worth talking to. Some of them also have options that may not be listed on their site so if you have specific criteria that are important to you then it would be well worth asking. I think highly of all of them and they all compete well with the best in the industry in terms of quality, service, and value and the one that is “best” for you would depend on all the objective, subjective, and intangible factors involved with any mattress purchase that are the most important parts of your personal value equation.

I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from any of them I’m looking forward to finding out what you end up choosing :slight_smile:


Hi audiohead,
I have been numerous conversations with SleepEZ recently and I would highly recommend viewing their website.
It would probably answer a lot of your questions…

You might want to check out this info.http://renegadehealth.com/blog/2011/03/22/make-your-own-natural-organic-latex-mattress

Hi Wavycat,

Just for clarity and for the sake of accuracy … there’s some good information in the article but there is also some inaccurate information there as well which could lead to some disappointment so I would be cautious before believing everything that is written there.