Question about reversible mattresses & Ikea Latex....

I have a question about all-latex double-sided mattresses. Essentially I had a cheaper memory foam (in quality, not in price) that was drop shipped from China and two years later, the support started to sag in the center and a few months after that It was beyond painful to sleep in. This has started me to search for mattresses that will last for a while since I don’t want to pay $650 every couple of years, and has led me to Latex being one of the most durable. I have been looking and the prices are rather expensive for all latex mattresses. I did notice on “Sleep like the dead” that Ikea makes an all-latex mattress but I am kind of afraid spending $699 or $899 on an Ikea mattress considering Ikea products aren’t known for their durability. The two products I was looking at from Ikea are the “Sultan Engenes” and the “Sultan Edsele”. On my budget (About $1,000) for a queen, I am either considering these two or going with a Latex over Foam mattress, particularly the Ultimate Dreams queen mattress from Amazon. The one thing that is holding me back about the Latex over Foam mattresses is that full latex mattresses can use both sides potentially making the mattress last longer. This isn’t possible with a Latex over Foam mattress. Is this genuinely something I should be concerned about, do reversible full latex mattresses hold up over time better than their 3-inch latex & foam base single sided counterparts? Has anyone ever owned any of theses Ikea mattresses and/or can comment about their durability?



Hi netengineer10,

While I don’t qualify as having owned an Ikea latex mattress, I can comment about the materials that they use and the question about durability.

Some comments about the Ikea latex line are in post #3 here. There is also more information that may be helpful in post #4 here.

I would personally not go with the mostly blended Dunlop latex version because it tends to be the least durable and adaptable version of latex and the extra price for more natural rubber content would be well worth it IMO.

While latex is the most durable of all the foams that are used in mattresses … the softer latex that is typically used in the upper comfort layers of a latex mattress will wear and soften faster than a latex core. This is one of the reasons that a high quality polyfoam/latex hybrid can be very good value because even though the polyfoam is not as durable and also not as adaptable as latex, the greater durability of a latex top layer can make the mattress as a whole very long lasting.

Of course even latex will benefit from the ability to flip the mattress and it will help an already very long lasting mattress last even longer. An additional consideration is that with a 6" firmer foam core … you can add a separate topper which can be replaced without replacing the whole mattress if it softens faster than the core and both the topper and the core can be flipped independently. Replacing a single layer is also an advantage of the zip cover DIY types of latex mattresses where single layers can be also be replaced if necessary without having to replace the whole mattress. The only “down side” of a double sided latex mattress (or any double sided mattress) is that there is a little more restriction on the construction and design because if there is too much soft foam on both sides of a double sided mattress the soft foam on the bottom can affect support while a one sided mattress doesn’t have this same restriction because the firmer foam will always be on the bottom.

While the Edsele would be firmer than most people’s preferences (it would be much firmer than a typical 2" or 3" comfort layer used for pressure relief) … if it fits your pressure relief needs (and of course your support needs but because of the firmness this is more likely) and your overall preferences then it could be a very good choice. If not … it would also be a good candidate for adding a topper.

So overall having a double sided latex mattress is not something I would be overly concerned about but I would certainly consider a 2 sided latex mattress as both a value and a durability bonus.