Question about Sleeptek 4 vs 6

Hi, and an advance thank you for all the info I have already gleaned from this site! We went back to our local store a second time (after finding this site), with the 5 steps printed out, and felt much more confident in our selection process.

We have narrowed our search down to Sleeptek and had planned to purchase the Euro 6 which we like very much. Upon returning home and measuring various heights we realized that we’d be increasing the height of our already tall bed by an additional 2 inches. We’d also likely be creating the necessity of all new sheets as well (we LOVE the ones we currently have and they are not offered for deep mattresses).

We really like the 4" soft top layer on the 6. If we were to go with the Euro 4 as tested, instead of the 6, it comes with only a 2" top layer over two more 4" layers.

My question is this: Would we notice a difference if we constructed the Euro 4 as follows; 4" soft top layer, 4" medium middle layer, and 2" firm lower layer? Alternately we were thinking 4" soft top, 2" medium middle, and 4" firm lower.

I know we’d also need to confirm with Sleeptek that we could do this special configuration, but don’t want to ask until we are sure this would still create the feel we were looking for (and found in the showroom). I am also aware that we’d have to ask for the 4" soft layer to be a single piece instead of 2 (and the 2" layer to be 2 instead of 1) in the Euro 4.

I am 5’ 5" 130 lbs and my husband is 5’ 11" and 195 pounds. I am a side sleeper and he alternates between side and back and could actually end up choosing firm for his side of the middle layer.

Given this, would we even notice a difference in the thickness of the bottom layer?


Hi Recklesstown,

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I’m happy that you were able to use the guidelines to assist you with the mattress

While I’m not sure of the complete configuration you were thinking about in the Euro 6, the short answer is, “Yes, you will notice a difference.”

All of the layers in a mattress work as a system. While I can’t feel what you feel in a mattress, you’ll tend to notice changes made in the upper layers of the mattress much more readily than changes made in the lower levels. Whether or not these changes are “deal breakers” for you in terms of comfort will of course come down to your own careful personal testing, so your thought of seeing if this special configuration can be accomplished is a logical next step, and then of course you’d want to try it out in person. But a 2" change overall in a mattress will generally be noticeable to most people.

When phoning or visiting I would consult with the Sleeptek people and let them know that you’re trying to approximate the “feel” of the specific Euro 6 configuration you chose, but with 2" overall less in height, and see what they would suggest. They would be best able to provide accurate guidance, as they are of course completely familiar with their products.

I’m interested in learning what you decide to do.


Thanks Phoenix for the insight and suggestions! I will try and reach someone at Sleeptek before we head back to the store and then try and test what they suggest.


Hi Recklesstown,

That sounds like an excellent idea. I’m looking forward to what you find.


Okay, here’s the update. (The original configuration that I liked was 4" soft on top of 4" medium, on top of 4" firm.)

I spoke to someone at Sleeptek who recommended that if we wanted to go with 10" of latex instead of 12" that I should configure it this way. 2" soft on top, 4" soft in the middle, and 4" firm on the bottom. He said this would get me closest to the original mattress combo that I liked on the Euro 6.

I tested it out yesterday and found that that combo was a little too bouncy for me. And though similar in feel when lying still, it didn’t give me quite as much support as the original combo.

So we are going with what we originally liked. Fingers crossed the sheets still work!

Thanks for suggesting I get in touch with Sleeptek. It was helpful in ruling out remaining possibilities. We’ll order this weekend! Yay!


Hi Recklesstown,

Thanks for the update.

I’m glad you took the time to speak directly with Sleeptek, as they are best able to speak about their comforts and ability to approximate other mattresses and configurations in their line. You can see how, even for them, it is difficult to create the “same” feel when componentry is changed in either thicknesses, layering order, or plushness. I’m glad you took the time to try out the “revised” configuration to confirm whether or not you’d like it.

I’m looking forward to your feedback once you receive your new mattress and have had a chance to sleep upon it for a while.


Took me a while to update, but 6 months in, here it is.

I’d like to say that I love the mattress but, well, I don’t. About 4 months in I called the store where we bought it (The Organic Mattress in Sudbury) and talked to the owner as my original configuration felt too soft and I woke up with a headache and in what i describe as a “hollow”. It felt like i was in a bowl.

They swapped out the medium layer on the bottom for a firm. I have tried to adjust to it over the last 6 weeks but I wake up with sore joints. A little too hard. Sigh… Amazing the bottom layer made THAT much difference, but intellectually I know they all work in conjunction with each other.

So, I am back online researching 2" soft toppers in hopes that adding that might put me right in the sweet spot for what I am looking for. Fingers crossed!!

I did want to say that the owner was absolutely wonderful about the swap. (When I called Sleeptek I was told they don’t offer a free swap so I believe this was a store decision to do it) No questions asked, no hassle, just “when can we set up the exchange”, no fee whatsoever. Just as nice, accommodating, and helpful as when we bought the bed.


Hi Recklesstown,

Thanks for your update!

The last I remember is that you had decided upon, from the top down, 4" soft, 4" medium, 4" firm. So it seems that you are now sleeping upon 4" soft, 4" firm and 4" firm – is that correct?

If the new configuration that I have listed above is correct, I can see how it might be a bit too firm for you.

That’s great that Organic Mattress was so accommodating to you with the layer swap. It’s nice when businesses go “above and beyond” like that.

Looking forward to your future updates.


Actually I made a last minute switch and went (top to bottom) soft, medium, medium. And now have soft, medium, firm.

My husband went with the soft, medium, firm configuration and has been happier with it from the start.

Yes, really nice when a store services the customer, not the transaction. They are awesome. :slight_smile:

Hi Recklesstown,

Thanks for the confirmation. So you now have the configuration you stated a while ago that you originally thought you liked. Understood.