Question for Long-Term Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid Owners

How has the mattress held up to your continuous use? I see that the top has a nice amount of “give” to it, but I worry that this might lead to eventual degradation of the pillow top and foam, causing body impressions and/or divots. Have any of you experienced this?

Hi sroyal91.

I see you are looking primarily for other consumers to weigh in here, but I also wanted to pop in with my own commentary with regards to the Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid.

The concern/worry you have about the breakdown of foam materials is valid. Many manufacturers use cheap quality, low density foams in their comfort and support layers which causes for early breakdown.

I can assure you that is not the case with the Alexander Signature Hybrid. Their breakdown is as follows:

3" - TitanChil Endurance Foam® (Plush 3 lb., Medium 3.5 lb, Firm 4 lb.)
1" - 3 lb. SmartFlow Support Foam
8" - Individually Wrapped Motion Isolation Coils
1" - 3 lb. Base Support Foam

Our recommendation for those with a BMI between 20 and 30 is as follows:

Polyurethane foam (often called polyfoam): If your mattress is one-sided then I would make sure that the density of any polyfoam is at least 1.8 lb per cubic foot or higher. If the mattress is two-sided then I would use a minimum foam density of 1.5 lbs per cubic foot or higher.
Memory foam (or gel memory foam): If your mattress is one-sided then I would make sure that any memory foam is at least 4 lb per cubic foot. If the mattress is two-sided then I would use a minimum density of 3 lbs per cubic foot.

Unless you have a BMI over 30, you should not face a premature breakdown of the foam materials in this mattress.

I hope this helps.

Hi NikkiTMU - this was SO helpful! Thank you! I’m going to the show room in a few weeks and will check it out, but your breakdown really reassures me that this is built out of quality material. Would you mind weighing in on the Winkbed (Soft or Luxury Firm)? I’ve read a few complaints online but I’d really appreciate your thoughts, considering your experience!

Hi again!

Sorry for my delayed reply.

Winkbeds does not list their specifications, but a previous consumer shared that the polyfoam used in the comfort layers falls between 1.5 and 2 lbs but they were unable to gather any specifics, The chat agent stated that “There is 2” of gel foam that sits on top of the micro-coils, the softer model has 3" of gel foam on top of the micro-coils"

The soft version has 3 layers of foam as opposed to 2 layers in the luxury firm option. This is what we have been able to piece together.
(13.5’) SOFT
1″ Gel-infused Hypersoft foam 17 ILD / soft
1″ Premium Gel foam 17 ILD/soft
1″ Premium Gel foam (ILD not confirmed)
2.4" Microcoil
8" zoned Pocket coils

The microcoil and all the layers below it are all good quality materials and components that wouldn’t be a weak link in the mattress, but I would be cautious with having 2" or 3" of unknown density foams. A 2" to 3" polyfoam at 1.5 lb in the top layers of the mattress may be lower density and thicker than the guidelines I would normally suggest which are “around an inch or so of lower density polyfoam”.