Question for Phoenix

Hi Phoenix,
I wanted to run something by you, I tried sleeping sideways on the SF Regalis-12 (across the bed, not top to bottom) and find that it is more comfortable this way. Does that make any sense? When I sleep the normal way I wake up after a few hours with my leg numb and then I toss and turn the rest of the night or have to go sleep on the couch. The middle of the bed (where my torso is when I’m sleeping across the bed) is pretty much an un-slept on part of the bed. I did speak with Peter at SelectFoam about my options and have decided to return the mattress. I sent an email on Tuesday 7/23 regarding returning the mattress (per Peter’s instructions), but haven’t heard back yet, I’m just hoping that I don’t have a problem with the return like someone else here on the MU did.
Thanks, Cownox

Hi cownox,

Anything that someone actually experiences makes sense … even if it can’t be explained :slight_smile:

There are really 3 possibilities here. The first would be more likely if the mattress was initially fine but you were “on the edge” of your range for a mattress that was suitable for you in terms of PPP and the initial foam softening in the areas that are slept in the most took you over the edge. This would mean that eventually the area in the middle would “catch up” to the parts you slept on more frequently over time but would temporarily be slightly firmer.

The second possibility is that there is a slight difference in your sleeping position when you sleep up and down vs diagonally that affects your alignment.

The third possibility is that the foundation under the mattress may have more “give” on each side or somehow is “allowing” you to sink down more on each side than in the middle (and you could test this by putting the mattress on the floor for a few days which is solid over the entire surface and would test this possibility).

I can also assure you that there haven’t been any forum members that have had any “issues” returning their mattress unless there is more to the story than what was posted here on the forum (which has sometimes been the case with some of the Select Foam feedback and some of the other member manufacturers as well) because I check on the background behind these types of issues. It’s just not their style or practice. I would also suggest that in dealing with any manufacturer that a phone call will produce faster results than an email.


Hi Phoenix,
Thanks for the thoughts! Sleeping across the bed it does feel like I am more aligned than when I sleep top to bottom. I don’t know that I could easily try the mattress on the floor, I would have to breakdown the bed to do so (no floor space otherwise), but I am curious to see if that would make a difference. I have spoken with Mario? as well as Peter regarding my experience with the bed and considered all of their suggestions, I just don’t think it is going to work. I plan on putting in a call tomorrow to get the ball rolling on my return.
Thanks, Cownox