Question regarding Latex ILD comparison

We have been looking for a foam mattress to replace our inner-spring mattress on top of box spring base. We went to some of the stores this website provided and tried a few out and decided to go for a 100% natural talalay latex mattress. We were also checking on some online stores with factory direct price. But we can’t try them in person. The one we have tried has a 6" talalay core with ILD #32 and 1" ILD#18 layer on both sides covered with some wool padding and 100% cotton fabric king size mattress. We hope we can find a factory direct mattress with the similer value. We came up with some questions, hope that will help us to decide.

  1. How does it compare with a king size 100% natural talalay that has a 6" core ILD#33 and 2" ILD#22 comfort layer, padded with wool material covered with 100% bamboo cotton fabric.
  2. The latex materials were provided by different companies. Should they feel the same?
  3. Do we need to replace the box spring for a slatted wood frame?

We appreciate any advice. Thank you!

Hi Roadrunner,

The type of quilting and ticking, how stretchy it is, the amount and compression of the wool, and how tight it fits around the latex in either mattress will make a difference in how each feels but based on just the latex alone, a 2" comfort layer would make the mattress softer and more pressure relieving on top. A difference of 1 ILD in the support layers is insignificant and would not be felt and it’s probable that for most people the alignment would be similar (both the shoulders and hips would sink in more). The “feel” would probably also be different for most people because the 2" comfort layer would result in a more even weight distribution along the sleeping surface of the body which means less pressure in some areas and more in others but different sleeping positions and different weights would feel this differently.

You wouldn’t notice the difference between manufacturers if both of them were 100% natural latex.

I would suggest replacing your box spring (if it has springs) with a firm rigid slatted or wire grid foundation. A box spring could change the feel and performance of the mattress significantly from what you tested in the showroom and a foam mattress generally works best on an even rigid non flex base.


Hi Phoenix,
Thank you very much for your advise. I think we can decide which mattress to get now.
Thanks again!