Questions about preferences vs weight/height

My wife (6’ 180lbs) and I (6’2" 240lbs) are in the market for a new mattress and I want to try out the route of full latex. Neither of us have ever experienced a latex and are hoping we don’t have an aversion to the feeling like some people do.

I called SleepEZ to ask some questions and I was hoping to come here for some further discussion/explanation from anyone.

I had planned to ask SleepEZ some preference-based questions to help me decide on the best configuration to buy like: “9,10,or 13 inch? 9 inch with a separate topper so it’s more pillow-top like? My wife seems to always like the same mattresses as me even though she’s 60 lbs lighter, can we get the same configuration on both sides of the bed?”

When I talked to SleepEZ, the gentleman made it sound very black and white that I just needed to use the online configurator and do what it said. 4th layer?, preferences of soft or firm?, no matter what just punch in your details and buy that configuration.

My question is, what do you guys recommend I do? Is it most wise to do just that and make exchanges as needed based on different preferences?

What about the best starting configuration, should I get the 9 inch or 10 inch?
Can I get the same configuration for my wife if her and I always agree on mattresses even with our weight differences? (essentially like my preference is softer than hers)

If we do follow the advice of the configurator and get her the soft talalay top layer and the medium for me, will we feel the seam between the two even through the cotton knit cover it comes with?

Thanks for the advice everyone, this sure can be overwhelming!

Based on the SleepEZ website, their mattress configurator is right 90% of the time. I guess the configurator is based on years of experience. Id follow it.

For myself, it was (for 4 layers) recommending medium talalay for top layer, and then 3 bottom layers of Dunlop. I dont know if I like dunlop. I tried a Posh and Lavish Relax latex and it had 2 inch talalay topper and dunlop underneath. I liked the talalay and not the dunlop.

Try to find out if you like dunlop. I didnt.

Ask SleepEZ about latex core returns.


That’s good to know. I live in a place where I can’t get to a latex bed for less than a 4 hour drive so I don’t have much opportunity to try dunlop vs talalay until getting something in the mail from sleepez. I do expect to pass through a town with a posh and lavish premier next monday so that’ll give me my first idea of what latex feels like.

Now I’m very close to a purchase decision and I’m still not sure whether to buy the 9 or 10 inch model, I’m hoping to bump this and see if I can get any suggestions from anyone? I talked to a salesperson who sells posh and lavish but I’d way prefer to buy from sleepez if I can get enough information to do so. Thanks in advance for any input!

Posh and Lavish Premier is latex and coils.

They probably have 100% latex mattress too.
Restore model
Relax model