quilting layer / mattress pad

ok not really quilting layer, since i will not have a finished mattress - just layers of foam stacked on top of each other - but i want to put something on top of the uppermost layer ( which is most likely going to be talalay ) to give it a nicer surface feel like all those fancy quited mattresses with bamboo cover etc, and also to help it regulate moisture.

i was thinking this would do the trick:


and while i’m pretty sure it would work, i would prefer something cheaper.

maybe there is an article on this site about this, if so i would certainly like to read it, but the question is - what do i put between the uppermost layer of bare foam and the sheets ?

i’m doing this mostly for myself - so * I * feel better, but maybe also the foam itself needs some kind of protection from wearing out ?

in particular if i use a fragile 1" or 2" thin layer of 14 ILD natural talalay to get that pillowy surface feel - how would i need to protect it from getting shredded as i move around on the bed ?

what is really the purpose of all those zippered covers that toppers come in ? i don’t particularly care about fire retardation as i don’t smoke and i live in an all-concrete building - but i do like the way fancy mattresses feel on top - certainly bare foam doesn’t feel as nice.

also if i do end up goign with that snugfleece thing or equivalent - could i also throw something underneath it for additional moisture management - or perhaps just to have another layer that can be machine washed to keep the bed fresh ?

something like this:


but perhaps thinnner, and certainly cheaper.

finally could i buy a complete mattress cover somewhere for the custom foam that i would put together myself ? a complete mattress cover would be nice because it would stay in place better and keep the foam together better as well, but at the same time i am guessing it would cost more and probably provide a less pleasant surface to sleep on than a dedicated mattress pad ?

once again, if this is already discussed somewhere on here i would gladly take a link.

Hi g1981c,

Some posts that may help.

Some information about mattress pads and different fibers is here.

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Some information about wool quilting and the need to protect latex with a cover is here and here.

More about wool quilting is here

Pictures of what can happen to latex if it’s not protected is here

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Some sources for mattress components including covers are in post #4 here.

More than this the forum search will be helpful. If you use it I would suggest that the “find posts from” option is set to “any date” and that you choose “show 20 search results” so you can scan them more easily.


great ! i think this stuff is very important - because the closer something is to your skin the more directly you experience it ( obviously ).

my eyes are tired now, but i will read the links when i’m in shape :slight_smile:

since the forum keeps track of all my threads i periodically revisit your replies to me for the links i didn’t have a chance to dig into yet.