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Somehow with increasing lower back issues its time to change the mattress. Which is only about 4 years old, but was a Sealy euro pillowtop. Looked at the Simmons Comforpedic Seabrooke and after reading some of this information, I am very hesitant to get it. Would love to find local outlets who we could go to for getting a good mattress (king size) with good pressure relief and spine alignment. I checked some of the websites that you have given but none of them have an outlet here that I could fine. Could you please help? Its area code 76244. Thank you!

Hi anbax,

The better choices I know of within reasonable driving distance (Dallas Ft Worth area) are in post #2 and #4 here. One of these is a member of this site.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Phoenix,
This is very helpful. I read a bit more of your exhaustive website. Will go there and check out the foam vs latex materials. But in essence, I need something that will give sufficient support for the lumbar region mainly a back sleeper and partly side. So far have been thinking only of memory foam, but I am sure these experts will be able to help out more. Will keep posted.

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I forgot to write in the previous post that when I searched the forum for Seabrooke (Simmons), didn’t find much information. Although you have said many different places that most brand names are lower quality for the price. Do you have something specific to add to it? When we go the Fort Worth store, if I tell them we liked the ‘feel’ and ‘support’ of this, will that be enough for them to help us? Lastly, memory foam or latex? Thanks,

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Hi anbax,

Simmons and other manufacturers can have many different names for the same mattress and it’s one of the ways that they discourage comparison shopping.

If you do a google search on Simmons Seabrook though … one of the outlets that carries it lists the layering description here (click on features).

While this doesn’t really have much meaningful information in it … it at least gives you a general idea of the materials in the mattress if you can 'translate" the names they use.

Basically … it contains 2.5" of memory foam which is breathable (and probably lower density in the range of 3.5 lbs but this isn’t listed and could be different).

This is over 3/8" of polyfoam of unknown quality/density (but it’s only a thin layer)

This is over 2.5" of “independent support technology” which is talalay latex (ILD not known though but ILD is not a “quality” spec).

This is over a 5" polyfoam support core of unknown quality/density.

And at the bottom is a 2" firm polyfoam base layer again of unknown quality/density

In complex layerings like this … it’s not really possible to “duplicate” the feel of the mattress but it does indicate that a memory foam latex combination comfort layer may be a combination you like. Of course there are infinite variations of this combination but at least it will give you a reference point that you can test other mattresses that may “feel” similar to you.

Bear in mind though that “feel” is very subjective and if it has been more than a few hours then our memories of “feel” are not accurate any more. It’s usually better to “target” more objective things like pressure relief, alignment, and other preferences that you measure every mattress against rather than trying to match one mattress to the “standard” of another. In other words … the more specific and objective you can be about exactly “why” you like a particular mattress … the easier it is to look for those specific qualities in another. Besides the two basic functions of every mattress which are Pressure relief and Posture and alignment … some of the more objective preferences that you may want to evaluate based on your testing experiences and knowledge of the materials and the outlet you are working with are in post #2 here.

So if you can describe specifically why you liked what you did and the materials in the mattress you liked … it would be helpful. If you only describe the names of the mattresses you liked … unless they happen to now the specifics of that mattress very well … it’s not likely to be something that will help much and you would need to test mattresses there to see which came closest to what you remember.

The goal is always to test every mattress against PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences). This can keep your testing more objective and help you evaluate each mattress against others rather than using one mattress (instead of specific qualities you can describe and identify) as a standard.


Hi Pheonix,
Just went and visited Peter Duncan. Nice guy! Tested the two latex mattresses. The 36lb one felt very good. Planning to go again and check the same with another inch of gel foam on top for a softer feel. Peter did say that the top layer will sag a little bit over time but latex by itself lasts forever. Peter also said that Phoenix got his bed from here, and I told him that you did mention that with the layer details. What do you think of the combination? Pure latex with a gel-foam top or pure latex alone in the long run will be better? By the way, MRI shows C5-7 and L4-5 issues.
Thanks once again for all your help!

Hi anbax,

In terms of durability … latex will be more durable but your comfort and the overall performance of the mattress is just as important and a good quality gel foam is also a durable material.

So as long as the gel foam layer is not really thick then it would make a good choice for those who preferred this combination and I would make my choice based on which one was closer to what you wanted and preferred rather than which one was “better”.

The worst case is that if the gel foam wears before the latex … then down the road you can use the latex core as the base for a new mattress and in the meantime you will be sleeping on a mattress that is closer to what you prefer.

Not good news about the back issues but at least you are looking at a mattress that can help as much as possible. The key is some careful testing to make sure you choose the best possible combination for your unique and somewhat “challenging” needs and preferences.