Re Purple Mattress: Can I remove the cover on this mattress?

Can I remove the cover (it has a zipper) on the Purple Mattress? When we tried it in the store, it did not have a cover on it.
The cover is slippery and the whole thing with the mattress was that the little pockets were airy and comfortable.
My husband is finding it too firm and I thought this might help.

Hi robbiebarbara.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :slight_smile:

Yes, you can remove the cover and - if you so desire - replace it with one of your choice.

Covers, especially when they are new and have not been “broken in” can sometimes be the culprit for a too-firm sleeping experience. I look forward to any updates about your sleeping comfort once you’ve had a chance to remove the cover!


Thank you Nikki - we’ll let you know :slight_smile: