Ready to take the plunge with Flobeds (from Canada)

Keeping my fingers crossed on this one!

We found a (dunlop) 10’’ latex bed we liked in our area, but at $4300 + 13% tax, it stings a bit!
Although I haven’t tried a talalay mattress, I’m quite impressed with what I hear about Nat. Talalay.
Phonenix-I think this is what you have??

I’ve spoken with Dewey from Flobeds several times…he’s so patient and helpful!

Think we’re going to risk it (my decision) and go with FLobeds! If my husband hates it and we deal with cross-border exchanges, I won’t hear the end of it from him,lol. :whistle:

Still torn of we should go with Deluxe (Soft top/Med/Firm for me and Firm/Firm/XFirm for him…I think :S ) or the V Zone.

As I get sore hips and he gets sore shoulders, maybe best to spend a few more $ and get VZone. I’m torn!
$3300 + 13% tax (when we bring into Canada) is a lot for on-line purchase so hoping to get this right given we’re on the other side of the border and will have more challenges with shipping.

Is v zone recommended for anyone that may have sore presssure points, or could just a top layer work as well-provided it’s soft enough?
I get concerned with vzone might feel odd to have med at head, soft at shoulders and hips and med at lumbar vs a more consistent feeling on the entire layer.

I’m stuck!!

Any insight from those that may have Flobeds Deluxe or Vzone??

Thanks again!

Hi LisaMocha,

My mattress has both blended and all natural in it. All natural Talalay may be less durable than the blend in lower ILD’s (see post #2 here).

If you or your husband are more difficult to “fit” to a mattress because of a more curvy or athletic body type or with wider hips or shoulders than the norm then the vZone would give you more options to customize the feel and performance of the mattress to your specific body type. It’s apparently their most popular mattress but they would be in the best position to tell you it’s specific benefits for your body type and the additional options it would give you.

You can read a little more about some of the potential benefits of zoning in post #11 here.